Embracing a Healthy Family: Saving for the Holidays

Saving for the Holidays

Were you thrown off by that title?  It's getting closer to the half way mark to Christmas and no, it's never to early to start planning out how to save and make it the most frugal holiday season ever.  With my renewed goal of saving money this year, I've been planning ever since last Christmas.  This year will be different as hubby is in Kuwait, I will no longer have a job, the house will be on the market to sell and we will be relocating to a new area also called PCS'ing for those in the military.

The ways I save for Christmas are taking advantage of places like MyPoints, MyCokeRewards, Swagbucks and whatever else I can find to make a good deal.  When I shop, I go through MyPoints to earn rewards.  I'm almost at the level where I can cash in my points for a $100 Target card which will come in handy.  MyCokeRewards are slowly adding up and I should have enough for at least a $50 gift card to Nike or somewhere else by the time Christmas rolls around.  The same goes for Swagbucks.  Why not get some free money easy?

Search & Win

Another great way to find gifts which I learned from my readers is to enter giveaways.  I don't do well with winning giveaways but every now and then, I get on a frenzy and will enter some.  I plan to pick up the pace in a couple of months to see what I can win for gifts.

I have won a lot from websites such as TwitterMoms by entering giveaways and contests.  My latest wins are pretty incredible to say the least.  If you have a blog, create one and join sites such as TwitterMoms for all the fun giveaways and contests.

twitter moms: the influential moms network

If you haven't signed up to be a member of the WBWord team, you need to.  I just cashed in three checks for $165 for some social media work by Warner Brothers.  Not bad work for that kind of money.

The Affiliate Ad network is another way that some bloggers can make some serious money.  I have not but then I have not immersed myself into the dealings of how to effectively work it.  I'm sure you can make the money but if you see from my blog, I have a ton of ads I provide my sponsors on top of a couple of paid advertisements and some affiliate ads.

Sites that allow your creativity to bud are other examples of making money.  If you can make some fun money while partaking in a hobby, you should.  I have a Zazzle account and have fun creating different items. I started out with political items and moved into business cards and invitations.  I have a variety of products and make nice spare money on the side from it.

If you have some other tips and suggestions, please leave a comment!

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