Embracing a Healthy Family: Some Potential Bad Pregnancy News for My Daughter

Some Potential Bad Pregnancy News for My Daughter

My oldest who turns 22 this July found out she's a carrier of cystic fibrosis and has a negative RH.   The good news is it's highly unlikely that the the father has cystic fibrosis too thus meaning the baby's chances are reduced. I also had a negative RH but my children were okay.  Her doctor, a major, seems very good, attentive and caring so I think she's in good hands.

She has an ultrasound on June 7th in which she's hoping to find out the gender.  She's so excited about this baby and I know she's going to make one incredible mom.  She's been vital to me and her younger sisters and I have no worries on her parental skills.  She's a wonderful young lady!  I was thinking back to when she graduated fifth grade, the school blasted photos of the kids that they received from the parents and I teared up.

I married right when I turned 19 and had her right after I turned 20.  Our relationship has been more of best friends than anything and I can honestly say, I've never had to spank her as a child.  She was the very best child anyone could ask for.  She steered clear of her friends who were doing drugs, drinking and having sex.  She's not a Polyanna by any means but she's been just incredible.

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My wishes for her are to have a healthy, happy baby and find the same love I found for all my children.  I hope she is inspired and in awe over each feat, both big and small, they accomplish.  I hope that no matter what she is enduring, she can look at her child and smile and be in amazement in what an incredible gift God has bestowed on her.

This Mother's Day, I thank my Mother for having me as without me, I wouldn't have experienced the truest love of all and that is children.   Who would have known what would have transpired when that Airman met that woman in England many, many year's ago?

God is the great creator and am so thankful!

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