Embracing a Healthy Family: The Ultimate Father's Day Gift for Golfers: Backyard Do-it-Yourself Putters

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift for Golfers: Backyard Do-it-Yourself Putters

I just received my Lowe's e-mail update and was impressed with this idea for a backyard putter.

Putting Green

Here is the STEP-BY-STEP or you can click here for the article.
Step 1:  Determine and mark the size and shape of your putting green, chipping stations, and sand trap on your lawn. (Be sure to consider the width of your synthetic turf when designing the green and chipping stations to avoid turf seams; 9- and 12-foot widths are available.) Remove the sod within these areas. Dig out the sand trap area to the desired depth, and fill it with sand.

Step 2: Dig a 12-inch-wide x 3-inch-deep trench around each green. Pour a 1-inch layer of paver base in the trench. Level and tamp until firm.
Step 3: Lay wall blocks in the trench, ensuring that they are level from front to back. Fill in the greens to the top of the blocks with paver base.

Step 4: To create the putting-green cups, place a 4-inch atrium grate in a 3- x 4-inch S&D adapter, and place this assembly inside a 4-inch S&D bushing. (These materials can be found in the plumbing department.)
Step 5: Use a posthole digger to dig a hole in each green for each putting cup. Test-fit the cup assembly, and adjust as needed. Fill any gaps around the cup assembly with sand or paver base. Make sure that the top of each hole is flush with grade. Tamp down the area around each hole until firm.
Step 6: Lay the synthetic turf on the paver base, and cut to size. The turf should extend over each block.Using landscape fabric pins, pin through the turf and into the paver base between each block. While you are pinning, have someone pull the turf taut to ensure a tight fit. Once the turf has been pinned, secure it to the top of the blocks using landscape block adhesive.

Step 7: Trim out the putting cups using a utility knife.

Step 8: Lay brick pavers on top of the wall blocks and secure using adhesives.

Step 9: To create the flagpoles, cut a 1/2-inch-diameter PVC pipe into two 3-foot pieces, and wrap the poles with electrical tape in a swirl pattern.Cut flags from a drop cloth, paint as desired, and spray with a clear topcoat, allowing each coat to dry.Use Liquid Nails to attach the flags to the PVC poles. Use Liquid Nails to attach a 3/4-inch bushing piece (found in the plumbing department) to the inside of each atrium grate. Allow adhesive to dry. Place each flagpole inside each bushing.

Youthful Tips

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librarypat said...

What a wonderful idea. Will be showing this to my husband tomorrow.

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