Embracing a Healthy Family: Blogmania 2010 Sponsor: Necklace Necessities

Blogmania 2010 Sponsor: Necklace Necessities

Have a necklace that you no longer wear or don't like to wear?   Look no more as with the Necklace Necessities kit, your necklace will be coordinated with the length you want and no more annoying clasps turning to the front.  I've had that problem ever since I started wearing necklaces and sometimes, I quit wearing one because of the clasp.  I had an opportunity to review the Necklace Necessities kit and love it!

When you buy the Necklace Necessities ensemble, you receive a 30 piece package of Necessities Secure Strips that prevent your clasps from turning.  I love that very easy and practical idea!  The Necklace Necessities ensemble is a trio of unique necklace extenders. The silvertone and goldtone extenders adjust your necklace from 3 1/2 to 6 inches and the nonadjustable "faux" pearl extender extends your pearl necklace by 4 inches!

The innovative, adjustable Necklace Necessities extenders attach easily to standard necklace clasps and can adjust your necklace to perfectly fit your neckline. Another fun feature of the Necklace Necessities ensemble is the cute and convenient pink pouch that is included in each purse package. It's great for storing your extenders and for travel too!

Necklace Necessities Ensemble

Inside the little pouch is a trial size package of Necessities Secure Strips. It's a unique product which addresses another pesky issue women deal with. The small pieces of clear, hypoallergenic adhesive comfortably secure your necklace extender at the back of your neck so that your clasp doesn't turn to the front of your outfit!

The Necklace Necessities ensemble is a fun, practical gift to give if you need an inexpensive and unique gift for your mother, your sister or girlfriends. They'll love receiving the Necklace Necessities products in the beautiful purse package, and don't forget to get one for yourself! They're so handy and a great way to extend your necklace wardrobe!

Priced at $19.99, it's a bargain considering the possibilities of new life you just gave your existing necklaces and future necklaces to come.  To purchase, click here.  There are other necklaces you can purchase as well as custom gift wrapping, skin guard and more.

Thanks to Necklace Necessities for being a partner with Blogmania 2010!

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About The Necklace Necessities Team

Inspired by the concept that a woman can create products women want and need better than men, Janis Helfman set out to design a jewelry accessory product that is not only a practical fashion staple for women, but exceptionally feminine in its presentation. Since May of 2006, she has worked to create the elements of the Necklace Necessities ensemble, spending extra time and effort to develop a product that would appeal to women for its functionality as well as its charm.
Janis is president and chief executive officer for Buttercup Creative and its product line, Necklace Necessities, unique products that solve common fashion dilemmas of women. Janis holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and marketing from Southern Utah University and brings over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising for numerous size companies and agencies and as an entrepreneur. Throughout her career, she has had extensive involvement with all aspects of marketing and promotional campaigns, as well as strategic business development and management.

It is the goal of Buttercup Creative to offer the Necklace Necessities ensembles and ancillary products as the foremost choice of ladies interested in a unique, fun and feminine problem-solving product for their own use and as a gift item.necklace_necessities_cheryl_livingston

Janis is joined by Cheryl Livingston, a professional in the custom packaging industry, as a distributor of the Necklace Necessities product line. A business owner and entreprenuer as well, Cheryl has over 20 years experience in business management and sales in Southern California. Cheryl is focused on sales of the Necklace Necessities products to retailers in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Buttercup Creative is grateful for the opportunity to contract the assembly of the Necklace Necessities product line to Goodwill of Orange County. The efficient and loyal contract labor workers are a joy to work with and the administration of their services is handled in a professional manner, resulting in a win-win for both organizations.

The headquarters of Buttercup Creative is located in Fullerton, California, with a showroom and distribution warehouse office in Anaheim, California.

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Evelyn said...

What a great idea! I always have that same problem. I definitely have to get a little purse of my own :)

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