Embracing a Healthy Family: Breast Cancer Awareness Event - Coming Soon!

Breast Cancer Awareness Event - Coming Soon!

1 Eight Inch Breast Cancer Awareness Magnet Ribbon

Coming from a family with a history of breast cancer, this is near and dear to my heart.  

National Breast Cancer Foundation

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant(cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. It is considered a heterogeneous disease—differing by individual, age group, and even the kinds of cells within the tumors themselves. Obviously no woman wants to receive this diagnosis, but hearing the words "breast cancer" doesn't always mean an end. It can be the beginning of learning how to fight, getting the facts and finding hope.

The best way to fight breast cancer is to have a plan that helps you detect the disease in its early stages. Start your Early Detection Plan today.

Click here to make your own plan from the National Breast Cancer Organization.

Stay tuned for more information on breast cancer.

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