Embracing a Healthy Family: Father's Day Gift Idea: Tie Cakes

Father's Day Gift Idea: Tie Cakes

Need a new spin on a tie gift this Father's Day?  I can honestly say that out of the .... years of my life, I have only given ONE tie for Father's Day.  Ties are nice and are given to many fathers but for a new spin, check out Matt's dedication to the classic tie in a edible way here.


tiecake5 tiecake10

I love cakes and wished I could make such creations as Matt has in his post.  If you want to try something different, try a tie cake!

More about Matt:

Matt loves ties and his site, www.tiepedia.com is devoted to ties, cool facts and fun posts for crafts and more!


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Anonymous said...

Here's something to go with the tie cake!

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift - “A Song”

One of the trendiest Father's Day gifts this year is MUSIC, and
one of the most popular songs is called "Little Girl."

It's a song written by E. Walter Smith to be used for the father-daughter dance at weddings. However, lots of daughters, and even wives have discovered that this is the can’t-go-wrong, inexpensive Father's Day gift… "Little Girl" is one of those songs that can bring a tear to the eyes of even the toughest dad.

People can listen to "Little Girl" on Smith's website
at: http://www.thelittlegirlsong.com

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