Embracing a Healthy Family: Martha Stewart's Red, White, and Blue Clip-Art Crafts

Martha Stewart's Red, White, and Blue Clip-Art Crafts

I keep writing posts on my girl's upcoming Minnie Mouse party and I get to add these great craft ideas from Martha Stewart.  I love all of Martha Stewart's crafts and enjoy getting the e-mails of the day.  Her crafts are usually very easy to do while giving off such a "wow" effect.  I've always liked Martha and can't wait to see her latest edition of her magazine and definitely look forward to the craft of the day to include the recipe of the day.  Here are the crafts:

Stars and Stripes Clip-Art Paper Cones

Stars and Stripes Clip-Art Paper Cones

Tools and Materials
  • Matte heavyweight paper
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Glue stick or double-sided tape
  • Waxed paper (optional)

Chip-Cone How-To
  1. Print clip-art image (red orblue) and trim. Score along dotted line, and fold back to create a tab.
  2. Wrap to form cone, and attach sides with glue stick or double-sided tape. To prevent grease marks, line the inside of the cone with waxed paper if desired.

Premium Presentation Matte Paper (SO41257), 8.5 by 11 inches, $12.99 for 50 sheets, epson.com.
I love these patriotic flags:

Wave away the heat, and proclaim your allegiance, with these red, white, and blue decorations. With wooden garden markers as handles, our fans make great party favors.
Arrange a cluster of them in a cup for a festive centerpiece, or turn them into place cards by affixing printed name labels to the sticks.
Clip-Art Craft: Cupcake Flags

Clip-Art Craft: Cupcake Flags

Signal a special occasion by topping the dessert course with checkered "good luck" banners or sunburst "birthday" medallions. Download ourtemplates, print them on a color printer, and cut them out. Use party toothpicks as flagpoles and ribbon for an extra dash of color; cap each pole with a candy-colored bead. Dressed like this trio of cupcakes, your treats will pass any test of festivity with flying colors.
Flag How-To
For a Banner 
Cut out one of the strips and fold it in half vertically. Apply craft glue to the top third of a party toothpick, slip it into the fold so it sticks out slightly at the top, and hold it in place until dry. Affix banner halves together with a glue stick.
For a Medallion 
Cut out two circles. Place one facedown; use a glue stick to affix a toothpick along the circle's diameter so the toothpick's tip juts just beyond the circle's edge. Attach a short length of folded ribbon at the bottom. Affix other circle face up. Apply a dot of craft glue to the top of your flagpole; slip a small bead over the end.
From Martha Stewart Living, January 2003

Patriotic Can Wrappers

Wrap up your holiday entertaining plans with these patriotic containers.
For more great ideas, visit Martha Stewart here.

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