Embracing a Healthy Family: McDonald's Happy Meals: Threatened to be Sued

McDonald's Happy Meals: Threatened to be Sued

It's a sad day when a business can't even market their meals geared towards children with a play toy because it promotes poor eating habits.  McDonald's is being threatened to be sued if they don't remove their toys from Happy Meals.  You can read the story here.  I feel it's a mistake as there has to be a line to make parents accountable in making sound, healthy decisions for their children versus having government mandates telling us what we should or shouldn't eat.

Kids love McDonalds and yes, some might choose it for the toys but they also like the food.   The fast food chains have come under scrutiny and have changed their offerings by encouraging milk and items such as apple slices in their meals.  What should worry us is if this succeeds, what is next?  Mandating something such as this will catapult into other lawsuits on more items such as grocery stores encourage my kids to want candy bars by placing them at the front or they offer sales on candy to get me to buy them or french fries are bad for you so they need to ban them too.

I normally stay out of topics that are up for debate but I really feel this is setting a dangerous precedent when someone else chooses what is right or wrong of this nature when it should be up to the parents to decide.

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Keri {One Mama's Daily Drama} said...

I totally agree with you. Although we don't eat at McDonald's often, when we do, my kids know that they can play with the toy after they finish their food. They always finish because they like the food!

Judy Joyce said...

I didn't think I was alone! I think by now everyone knows the traditional fast food meals are bad for you but parents do not need to get accustomed to having other parent their kids. We must be responsible for being parents at home. If they want to do more to help parents be "better" parents, give some funding to make healthier foods cheaper. I looked at an ad today for Walmart and things like Doritos, candy, etc are all so cheap but if you want to buy a banana, it's 45 cents a pound or grapes that are 2 a pound. No wonder people with financial issues turn to the junk food. I don't want to see that banned either as that's not the right solution! Thanks for commenting!

Tiffany said...

My kids decide what fast food restaurant they want to eat at by comparing the toys. I know, it's sad.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Judy Joyce said...

Hi Tiffany! Wouldn't they still want to eat at fast food even if the toys were not there? I know my kids will and I will admit the toys are an incentive for them but it's not the only factor .. at least with my kiddos! I still prefer allowing parents to decide what's right for them. Thanks for commenting! I need to take a trip to your blog as you always surprise me since I don't know if you will make me laugh, recall the past or just enjoy what you blog about! Take care!

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