Embracing a Healthy Family: Radio Flyer Wagons & The World's Largest Wagon Mosiac

Radio Flyer Wagons & The World's Largest Wagon Mosiac

Big Red Classic ATW
Voyager Canopy Wagon All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

I think the image of Radio Flyer Wagons reminds me of apple pie and baseball.  It seems as much the American tradition to grow up with one.  Shhh....my girls don't have one and I know I should have bought one by now but my oldest did have one.  This great American icon in their ever so loved signature color has been around since 1917!

As a kid, we had one and you can't forget the tricycles!  Those were also part of nearly everyone's home if they had children.  It's not just the red wagon anymore as there are many other products ranging from scooters to ride ons and as I noted, tricycles.  Summer fun and Radio Flyer go hand in hand!

Writing this post brought back so many memories and I had no idea that Radio Flyer made so many of the products I grew  up with.  I remember my brother riding to town on his rocking horse and who can forget the Inch Worm?  So beloved!

Blaze Interactive Riding Horse My 1st Scooter The Inchworm

However you have fun making memories this summer with Radio Flyer, add your photo of your fun by participating in the World's Largest Wagon Mosiac.  All you have to do is capture those moments and add your picture(s) to help the legacy of the little red wagon to live on!

I posted this not only to spread the word on this great project to keep Radio Flyer around for many generations to come but also as part of the MomSelect program in hopes of winning a prize.

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