Embracing a Healthy Family: SootheTIME: Soothing Solutions for Baby & You Review

SootheTIME: Soothing Solutions for Baby & You Review

Sleep and comfort were always my first concerns for my children and myself when they were born.  Like most, if not all parents, I frequently checked to ensure they were breathing but outside of that, I always worried if they were too warm or too cold.  Kids and blankets do not mix and I often wonder if my two year old has some magnetic force hooked to her that if a blanket hits her body, it flies immediately off.  I know most kids are like this which is why products that help to give peace of mind are essential for a new parent's rest.

soothing tummy comfort

The SootheTIME's motto is "Soothing Solutions for Baby & You."  SootheTIME has many products for your baby and some are broken down by stages.  The first stage is the sleep stage and the SootheTIME Snooze Wrap Plus is for babies between 7-14 pounds/0 to 3 months.  Made of 100% cotton and a tummy portion that provides comfort against colic and a sense of snuggling, it cute and functional.  If you have children, you know the age old problem with sleepers of having to unzip and try to take off the upper portion without waking the baby or causing too much disruption to cause her to stay awake was nearly impossible if not impossible at all.  With the SootheTIME Snooze Wrap Plus, it unzips from the bottom which is quicker and more efficient as who doesn't want to cut down on time in the middle of the night?

arms free option

Here is a quick how-to instructional and illustrates how easy it is to swaddle your baby with the SootheTIME Snooze Wrap Plus.

adjusts for growth

More Features:
  • Gentle head support ensures proper positioning which may reduce the development of flat head syndrome.
  • Soothing tummy comfort that may help relieve symptoms of colic while providing extra security to help baby sleep more comfortably.
  • Adjusts for growth as baby grows so does the Snooze Wrap Plus thanks to the adjustable pocket.
  • Arms free option lets you choose which is most comfortable for baby.
  • Cradle support pad helps add security and confidence while holding baby and lifting her.
Here is another optional feature with the SootheTIME Snooze Wrap Plus:

Sleep stage 1

Use the Snooze Wrap Plus with the Snooze Sheet to create a healthier and safer sleep environment. Innovative Sleep Stabilizer Tabs comfortably secure baby in the pediatrician-recommended back sleep position without loose blankets or wedges. Simply attach the Sleep Stabilizer Tabs to the center of the Snooze Sheet. Easy, safe, security for baby and you.

I love that idea!  For this review, we did not review the sheet to be able to provide any feedback on it.  

SootheTIME has a host of other products for different stages of baby growth, sheets with more coming for food, bath and traveling.  Sign up to stay current on new products!

Overall, the material is very soft and handles regular machine washing.  It held up nicely and came out a little softer than before.  I love the fact it can be zipped from the bottom thus allowing us to change our baby's diaper without too much activity to fully wake her.  She did sleep better as she was warmer since she was unable to come unwrapped.  It's a great feature for comfort, warmth and better sleep!  I wished I had this for my now seven year old who never slept well!  I would recommend!

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Snooze Wrap Plus Swaddle - Blue - Soothe Time  - Babies"R"Us
 Snooze Wrap Plus Swaddle - Sage - Soothe Time  - Babies"R"UsSnooze Wrap Plus Swaddle - Pink - Soothe Time  - Babies"R"Us
 Snooze Sack - Blue (3-9 Months) - Soothe Time  - Babies"R"Us  Snooze Sheet - Ecru - Soothe Time  - Babies"R"Us

* Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary product by either company or PR agency in exchange for my honest review.

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