Embracing a Healthy Family: Star Wars Weekends at Disney: Our Experience for Great Memories

Star Wars Weekends at Disney: Our Experience for Great Memories

Only true Star Wars fans can appreciate seeing a Star Wars parade at Disney!  What an unexpected surprise to walk in and be able to see this!  When we arrived, the place was packed and there was a little hole they left open to allow people to go across the street until the parade started.  Then all of a sudden, they allowed us to jump forward and I took full advantage of it.  A very nice woman let Jamie up front where she was able to sit and watch.  Unfortunately for April, she was holding a very sleeping Dani as I took pictures.


We are a Star Wars family and I have to admit it.  My husband and I actually met online playing the Star Wars game so that gives me an official "geek" badge.  All my daughter's love it to include my step son, my brother and his two girls.  I had to take these pictures specifically for my brother:

They even had some of the actors along the parade.  Weekends at Disney are awesome and I'm so glad I was able to let my girls experience some fun while their dad is in Kuwait.

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Ros said...

Boy, I bet that was a huge treat for you to go there the same time when the Star Wars celebration was happening. Love the photos!

Judy Joyce said...

We were in heaven to say the least! Good marketing by Disney now they just need to make some more Star Wars movies!

Tiffany said...

Man I would have been so hyped about that seeing as I adore Star Wars. In fact there was a marathon on the other day and I watched all 6 movies, back to back Pathetic, I know.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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