Embracing a Healthy Family: Taking it Easy on a Sunday & Tomorrow is the Big Day

Taking it Easy on a Sunday & Tomorrow is the Big Day

Today was a day of rest and kiddie fun at the school's playground.  We have a swingset/play area at our house but it's backed up against the very woodsy backyard and with the increase of snakes, I'm a little reluctant to let them out in the area.  I've never seen so many spiders and snakes than I have since we moved to Georgia and I can't say that I'm going to miss them one bit when we live unless we trade it in for something worse!   That's one benefit to military life is the ever changing new environments we get to experience every three years. I'm not sure how the kids will do with school so I will have to figure out ways to help compensate for that when the time is right.

Glaceau Smart Water 24 20oz BottlesWe did something that I vowed I was not going to do often which was elect for fast food.  After watching a PBS special on Diet Free and reading the great book Vintage Remedies which I posted a review on, I am worried even more about modern day foods.  I want to get on a mission to make the right food choices and what I noticed both from the program on TV and the book, you make little strides to make it work.  You can't change everything you have done over years and years in a day which is absolutely correct.  I've already eliminated sodas from my diet with an occasional one here and there but no more than two a week if even that much.  I sadly admit that I let my seven year old drink them but starting yesterday, she gets one a day until we run out of the existing supply and then it will be only a treat.  It's all water from here on out with some juice.  She usually drinks Glaceau Smart Water 24 20oz Bottles as with epilepsy, I read the replacement of electrolytes is good.

I diverged a bit but after we ate, we played and then went home for more needed rest.  I needed it more because my soon to be three year old kept me up through the night with a sore on her tongue.  I think she's been chewing on it or she bit it.  She had a chewing fetish on blankets that just ended about two weeks ago so I think this is a carry over. 

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Tomorrow is a big day as my oldest, almost 22 years old, will find out the gender of her baby that is due 10/10/10!  I am so excited and can't wait to find out as is she and the father!  My husband will have to get the news via e-mail as is everything else.  This is the second summer in a row that he'll be in the Middle East.

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She did take the Intelligender Gender Detection Test Kit so we get to see how accurate it is!  

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I'm curious to know how accurate the test was.

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