Embracing a Healthy Family: Tired Feet? They Need Some Spare Soles: Review and Upcoming Giveaway

Tired Feet? They Need Some Spare Soles: Review and Upcoming Giveaway

How many times have you worn high heels and your feet end up screaming and making you cry?  I can't even recall how often as when I worked in an office, I always wore heels and I think just until recently, I wore heels to make up for my shortness.  If you wear heels, you know exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to pain, soreness, aching and blisters.  When I found Spare Soles, I had to learn more because they were such an ingenious idea on helping us women stay so prim and proper without anyone really realizing we are in comfort land!  

Spare Soles® Roll-Upz Red Spare Soles® Flip Flops Hot Pink Spare Soles® Light Leopard

Spare Soles are spare footwear for when your feet have had enough but you haven't.  A revolutionary, compact, hygienic and fashionable solution to sore feet from uncomfortable footwear. Spare Soles fashion-forward ballet flats and flip flops come in their own matching wristlet. They are meant to be easily toted in your purse or pocket to put on when your feet need relief.  I love this idea that they are portable and discreet!  Who would even guess you have a spare, comfy pair of shoes to replace the one's that are ruining your day or night? 

Spare Soles® Black Satin Spandex


Your choices vary with the Original Spare Soles that are available in seven colors, the Diamond series perfect for weddings, the Metro version for those busy city streets when you have to walk a lot, comfy Flip Flops and Roll-Upz with a tote.

I think the concept is great and I wished I had these on the endless traveling I did overseas.  These would have been perfect for the flight, for the hotel room and even for some casual get together in the hotel.  

Spare Soles® Flip Flops Hot Pink


I received a complimentary pair of the Spare Soles® Flip Flops Hot Pink.  They sell for only $20 and are available in sizes size (5-6), medium (7-8), large (9-10) and extra large (11-12).

Since they are foldable, they do tend to fold up towards your heels.  I did have to get used to them before I found them comfortable as they are different material from what I'm used to.   They are skid resistant with a water proof sole which is very nice given how slippery some floors can be.  They are also very durable as I pulled on the straps and they didn't budge.  Even the crystal/stone was securely fastened to the flip flop.  The carrying wristlet unzips to become a tote which is ideal for carrying your shoes you took off.  I love that feature too!  It's even a fashionable tote with the Spare Soles logo in silver and swirls on a black background.   You can choose from three colors.

Spare Soles® Flip Flops Black Spare Soles® Flip Flops Brown Spare Soles® Flip Flops Hot Pink

I also received a complimentary pair of the Spare Soles® Pink and I can say that these were my favorites!  My feet just melted into the silky soft shoes!  They are also foldable or rollable and fit into this really cute little matching satin pouch that can fit in your purse, a jacket pocket or carry on your wrist.  The material is stretchy and fits nicely with your foot with skid resistant water proof soles, it's a must have for your wardrobe!   They are also available in the same sizes listed for the flip flops and come in many colors.

Spare Soles® Pink


Here are some of the other types available but there are many more which can be seen here.

Spare Soles® White 
Spare Soles® SilverSpare Soles® Metro Line Red

I really love these and would recommend Spare Soles to complete your wardrobe!

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Stay tuned for a giveaway!

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