Embracing a Healthy Family: Walls Need Love Decals & More Review

Walls Need Love Decals & More Review

We have to sell our house for our next PCS (military lingo) move that can occur as soon as we sell our house.  Hubby is in Kuwait for a year but when he returns,  we have to be ready to move to our next location.  I've been busy trying to improve without spending a ton of money.  The use of decals is most interesting and I've tried them before but I found a company that makes them that are so much easier to apply.  

From the Walls Need Love easy to follow instructions, you just peel off, use the tool to even it out and remove air bubbles and that's it!  I love the sticker appeal to them as the one's you scratch and hope that they all will stay are a pain at least to me.

Here is the outcome and I still have another room to do with a daisy theme:

Here is a before and after shot:

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Ros said...

Wow, they look adorable! Is this Dani's room? Big room. I didn't even have a room to myself when I was growing up. Lucky girl!

Judy Joyce said...

I always shared a room too! I think that's why I wanted to give them their own rooms..at least while I can! :) Thanks, Ros!

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