Embracing a Healthy Family: Adorable Baby Clothing: Back to School & More

Adorable Baby Clothing: Back to School & More

Back to school is back to bitter sweet thoughts on my part as I like to see Jamie learn and grow but I miss her so much while she's away.  The good thing about school is I love to shop and school gives me a reason to shop.  I just wished I had more money to shop!  If you are an online shopper and want high quality clothing, great selection and wonderful customer service, you need to check out www.adorablebabyclothing.com.  If you aren't an online shopper, you should check them out.

The owner, Cynthia, is an amazing mompreneur, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend and so much more.  I happened to get to know Cynthia first from being a customer and then reaching out via Twitter and then Facebook.  She's one of the kindest, sincere people you will ever meet.  She really cares about others and definitely is committed to her customers.  

AdorableBabyClothing has clothing and accessories for every occasion and from preemie up to your older children.  I have watched her store grow to include so many other great items from baby showers, gifts, toys and more.   If your school has uniforms, she even has a selection for you.

French Toast Boy's Flat Front Double Knee Twill Pant French Toast Girl's Pleated Scooter

If you don't need uniforms, there are beautiful other selections available:


AdorableBabyClothing is also participating in Blogmania 2010 via my site.  For more information and to check out the two great outfits she is providing, click here.

Don't forget to enter the great photo contest!  Click here for more information.

Here are some of my other favorites:

 Black and White Fleece & Fur Swing Coat Pirate Costume Accessory Set Cinderella Princess Gown

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