Embracing a Healthy Family: Custom History Charts for Your Family Idea

Custom History Charts for Your Family Idea

I think I've blogged before that I'm in the middle of writing a historical novel and if I didn't, I am!  It's based on my family's history in Louisiana back in the 1700's.  Family history was something my dad started years and years ago that I became interested in.  It's a neat hobby to have upon learning more about your roots.  My dad's side of the family came over from France and it began a lively beginning to a very large extended family with roots climbing all over the place with so many names that one of those free genealogy sites can't provide my entire family tree.  

My father-in-law also is interested in his family tree and has done a lot of research all the way back to Italy.  I'm sure most of us either are interested or have a family member interested in their family's history which is the purpose of this post.  I also like to showcase different Etsy shops every now and then and with my partnership with Blogmania, I was paired up with Evelyn White Fine Fabric Fancier who makes these gorgeous handcrafted napkins, placemats, table runners, customized java wraps, organic jelly and more.  Her sister makes family history charts on Etsy as well.

Custom New Baby Family History Chart w/ Custom Photo Background

Custom New Baby Family History Chart w/ Custom Photo Background Custom New Baby Family History Chart w/ Custom Photo Background

What a great gift for a new parent to have!  The Custom New Baby Family History Chart with Custom Photo Background displays in an 11 x 14 bond print in your choice of a sepia tone, blue tone or soft blue tone.   CMGDesigns will work with you on ensuring you receive exactly what you need.

Custom Family History Half Wheel Chart

Another great option are the family history charts.  The charts can consists of third, fourth, fifth or sixth generations to produce a beautiful 11 x 14 bond print in either gray tone or sepia tone perfect for framing and with Christmas approaching, yes, it really is, it's a perfect gift!

French Cozy Lap Quilt in Moda Nature's Notebook prints Sweet Cream Lap Quilt in beige cream and white cotton prints

CMGDesigns also has quilts.  The handmade lap quilts look beautiful and based on the description, quality is definitely first in her designs and work.

She has a 100% rating and works with you on what you want.  Using her architectural design background, she picks out colors, textures and patterns that work coupled with her 20 years of experience with creating clothes and quilts out of fabric.   Stay tuned to her shop for more!

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