Embracing a Healthy Family: Day at Columbia Zoo - South Carolina

Day at Columbia Zoo - South Carolina

Well, not necessarily a day as the zoo isn't that big but it's a pretty zoo and well kept.  My year membership is about to end and I wanted to maximize the membership and my nieces' visit.  We embarked on our hour plus journey and saw most of the animals as I think it was too hot for some.

I was a little disappointed at how some of the parents let their children run wild in the zoo and encountered a couple of near misses of my little one getting knocked over with other little ones running wild.  I had a wagon hit me and I'm not sure what happened to my oldest but she was ready to go.  The biggest thing I'm noticing in general when I'm out in public is a lack of manners among children.  I'm seriously thinking the whole citzenship and manners lessons need to be incorporated back into the school systems.  It's sad to me when children don't say please, thank you or excuse me.  It's also sad with the general lack of respect across the board.  Not only do children not move over but some parents are just as guilty.

I really hope there will be a re-emphasis somewhere with manners and kindness!  I for one, will continue to teach it at home with my children and hope their behavior will rub off on others.  All in all, it was a good day minus my migraine!  They even had a set up where the kids could see what it's like milking a cow!

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Jaime said...

I agree!! I feel like kids are so disrespectful these days. I love the Riverbanks Zoo. I used to go there when I was in college.

Judy Joyce said...

Glad I'm not alone! It's so disheartening to experience it everywhere you go. Riverbanks is definitely a pretty zoo! Thanks for commenting!

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