Embracing a Healthy Family: Designing the Grandbaby's Nursery

Designing the Grandbaby's Nursery

My oldest has been trying to decide how to decorate the nursery for her baby-to-be but hers is a little tricky as she doesn't have the room to make a nursery and has to use her bedroom.  The good news is the bedroom is large so that works out nice.  The ultrasound tech said she is having a girl but the Chinese Astrology Chart and IntelliGender say boy.  I think it looks like a boy too but we'll know in a few weeks when she gets her 4D ultrasound!  I can't wait and it's her birthday present from my husband and I.  Happy Birthday to April tomorrow!

I was reviewing the latest blog updates and saw Design Dazzle had some new great ideas for gender neutral nurseries and love them!  I love this one:

I love the elegance, crispness and sophisticated charm of it!  It's so beautiful yet delicate.  The biggest problem is the room is currently blue and we're in the process of needing to move to El Paso for my husband's next assignment.

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