Embracing a Healthy Family: 10 of My Favorite Actors

10 of My Favorite Actors

I just watched an E show on Will Smith as I just love him.  He's so well rounded, down to earth and he leaves his personal political thoughts out of what he's loved for which is his music and acting.  He seems like such a wonderful father and husband that I don't see how anyone couldn't love him.  I first watched him The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and loved his zany humor and grew up with him through all his movies and other successes.  One thing I didn't know is his wife, Jada, ensures Will's first wife and child are part of their lives which shows you the level of maturity and elegance she has!   

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This started me thinking of who are my favorite male actors and in no particular order, here they are:

  1. Will Smith (of course)
  2. Robert Redford
  3. Denzil Washington
  4. Mel Gibson (yeah, I know ... )
  5. Harrison Ford (another cheater but still love his acting)
  6. Brad Pitt (hmmm..another cheater but still love him and Angelina)
  7. Richard Gere
  8. Johnny Depp
  9. Morgan Freeman
  10. Mathew McConnnaugh
I'm sure I have more but that's who I can recall at the moment.

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Tabathia B said...

We have the same list and doesn't help that not only that they are all great actors but they're very "hot" too.

Judy Joyce said...

Oh, yeah! Speaking of that....I forgot Gerard Butler :) Thanks, Tabathia!

debbie said...

I agree, I would just add Clive Owen. I think he is a really good actor, and quite good looking.

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