Embracing a Healthy Family: Infomercial Nightmare or Entertainment?

Infomercial Nightmare or Entertainment?

Have you ever channel surfed late in the night or early morning?  I love watching infomercials to see the latest and greatest of As Seen on TV specials.  One thing I have learned, many of the products I have purchases based on seeing on TV don't work. It's incredible how much they can hype up the product and border on false advertising.  While I was watching, I heard my niece yell out in her sleep ..could it be the infomercials on??  Actually, she apparently has loud dreams so it wasn't the infomercials.

I find some of them amusing while some convincing and others are just plain dull and insulting.  The one's that use large breasted women with miles of cleavage trying to talk and look immensely interested in financial infomercials are the most insulting and dull coupled with all the male enhancement ones.  I would think a foreigner would think Americans are only interested in boobs and penis enhancement drugs.

I was curious and started writing down each one that I found paging up the channels.  I didn't get through an hour of them before they shifted to a new hour so I stopped as it finally bored me enough to go back to sleep.  These are what I saw in order of viewing them:

TriVita's Nopalea anti-inflamatory drink for your entire body - made from the Nopal cactus and is all natural containing a  blend of anti-oxidant richNopal cactus superfruit with naturally sweet Agave nectar.  The site has many resources available to include 'scientifically proven' protection.  They do cite studies conducted by extracts of the Opuntia ficus-indica but the studies are few and are not with this specific product rather the betalains.

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Luminess Air - airbrushed make up using only a few drops of foundation and a push of the button.  They also have a large line of make up you can purchase which was no surprise.  It looks neat in that it's suppose to deliver a steady stream of make up via air to give you a flawless appearance.  One paid person claimed she doesn't have to close her eyes as it doesn't go in there which seemed illogical.  I'm impressed if the make up is truly that smart that it knows to spray only on the face and not in the eyes....hmm....doubt it.  The make up's appeal to me is nothing on the hands.  It's also costly starting out at $169.95 for the basic system.

Wealth without Risk - on two channels - a  British spokesperson with heaving breast and a lot of cleavage ...turn....boring.

In Styler - comb through once and get the result - no hair dryer needed as the polishing barrel does all the work without any damage.  Not sure I buy this one as both my oldest and I have curly hair and have tried MANY products.  We've tried the ones that state your hair can be wet, flat irons, curling irons, etc but the one true product we have found is the Chi line of straighteners.  Right now there is a 30 day trial where you can get two for $14.95 plus $19.99 for s/h and after 30 days, pay three payments of $39.99!  Ouch...

Bosley hair restoration - two channels had Bosley

Kymaro Curve Control Jeans uses a remeasure post putting the jeans on to make you feel they made you lose weight but it's the appearance that cuts down on the measurements but there is the "results may vary" disclaimer.

Investools - investing tools online to learn how to invest - pretty blonde in a pant suit with a buttoned up collar - very surprising they didn't use cleavage to sell

Bare Minerals - foundation might be clogging your skin thus causing acne where mineral make up might be the key to helping acne

Hammer & Wood golf club on the Golf Channel (of course) - only $99 plus s/h!

Shark Portable Steam - two channels - get a ton of attachments to clean as well as use as a clothes steamer for only $33 of three payments with free s/h - I love my Shark mop so this is one that I would want. www.GetSharkSteamer.com

ErectMed's Pos-T-Vac - vaccuum you know what - results may vary

Omega XL - overcome pain - natural anti-inflammatory - discusses heart attack and risk pain associated with over the counter pain remedies

Advertising Profits from Home book - looked boring so I didn't watch

Brainetics Math & Memory System techniques to help children and adults - used three digit numbers to multiply, memorize numerous numbers/letters - taught in over 6,000 classrooms - suppose to be fun to learn

Nuwave Infrared Oven - cooks without using fat - claims 75 of participants had lower cholesterol levels after using.  Claims it can do many types of cooking and fast without defrosting as well as reheating.  PortableMore than one million sold and BBB accredited - 3 payments at $39.99 - special "right now!"

Yudu home screen printing system - try for $33 plus s/h for 30 days - additional payments apply but they don't clearly tell you what that is.  Make t-shirts, napkins, cards, etc - 4yudu.com

Laura Geller baked make up collection - try for 30 days with money back guarantee - re-occurring monthly plan

MaxClarity for acne control - 60 day money back guarantee - uses foam - $19.95 plus s/h

Steam Pocket Mop - I have one of these that I purchased at Kohls and I love the 30' cord, adjustable handle for your height, no chemicals, double sided mop heads, washable, different heads for every job, dries fast - www.steampocketoffer.com - 4 payments of $39.95 - I bought mine cheaper through Kohls but the thing I found out is you get a better deal with going to the SteamPocketMop website and buying their special since they throw in freebies and other special deals.

Shew.....there are way too many!

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