Embracing a Healthy Family: Mamavation Monday - Week 13

Mamavation Monday - Week 13

I unfortunately was going to write that this was an "unfortunate" week but after reflecting on it at 6 am, Tuesday as I'm late due to visiting family, I realized it was not all for nought.  I may not have lost any weight and in fact, I might have picked up a pound or two as I haven't checked but here is what I found:
  1. I was able to resist some of the junk food offered to me over the holiday weekend so I view that as a success.  I know what I need to do and it's there in my memory bank reminding me.  It's not so much as a "you failed" mentality rather it's what I need to do to get in shape.  Since I was able to resist temptation and portions, I succeeded this week.
  2. When I had a temptation, I thought back to last week's comments from all the great Mamavation mama's and how my thoughts last week were embraced and supported.  That reminded me how much support is needed when you embark on these journeys to better health.  I try to avoid the phrase "losing weight" or "getting skinny" as it's bigger than that.  It's about getting healthy and living better.  I keep trying to ingrain that in my mind as I think that is a key for me to focus on as a motivator.
OVERALL:  All in all, not sure what the weight reads but I am providing a review for the Eat Smart Digital Bathroom Scale and I'm using that as a tool to keep motivated and be accountable to my sponsor.

GOALS: Utilize the time I have with my three nieces I brought back to play with my girls (seven of us chickies in all in the 10 hour drive back to my house) to increase some physical activity.  I also plan to count calories as that seems to be the most effective manner of controlling my intake.  I already removed soda a long time ago but I want to work on eliminating the Crystal Light.

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week's Mamavation blogging carnival is sponsored by BSkinz. BSkinz is a fitness line for women to include men and boys.  The choices provide fun patterns and colors for compression wear.  It's funny as I was just talking to my sister about how you really need good upper support to exercise without pain and BSkinz has all the wear needed for that.  B-Active, B-You is a great slogan!

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Trish said...

Awesome looking to what you DID accomplish!!

That is so funny because I just got one in as well to review...(the scale)

Here is to another awesome week!

jennydecki said...

I'm so happy the comments from last week helped. I know the comments on my Mamavation Monday posts help me get through the week too. Like now, I hear them in the distance saying "why haven't you eaten breakfast yet?" LOL - Hope you have a great day!

Shanaka @ Mama Bee Does said...

I hope you all enjoy the time with the nieces. If you can kick soda I know you can boot the Crystal Light too. I look forward to reading the Eat Smart Digital Bathroom Scale review. Have a great week!

Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Good luck on your goals this week.

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