Embracing a Healthy Family: New Breast Lift Procedure

New Breast Lift Procedure

Pregnancy and gravity all takes its toll on our bodies but the breast take a pretty big hit and being that we are a breast society (forced on us), it really can take a toll on self-esteem.  I just read about a new procedure that is more natural and uses your own breast tissue to give a lift over foreign substances.   The procedure is called the NaturaBra Breast Lift and it uses your own tissue to prop up the breast with an internal sling created by your skin.  Sounds gross doesn't it?  You can read more about it here.

Aside from society forcing so much perfection on us, I definitely can understand why a woman would want a lift and would not fault anyone for having a procedure.  I think it's great they are thinking of new ways to perform the procedures with more natural means over silicone and saline.  Granted this is not an implant but many women do get implants to provide the lift.

Speaking of plastic surgery, another story stated that the plastic surgery business took a recession hit last year of 3% down to a mere 10 billion!  What's sad about this story, it states that 210,000 teens from ages 13 to 19 had cosmetic surgery.

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