Embracing a Healthy Family: No Tax Free Day in Georgia

No Tax Free Day in Georgia

Quite a few states offer a tax free day or weekend just before school starts back to help parents with the burden of all the expenses.  I came from Indiana and we never had this nice governmental break and to be honest, I love it and think it's great IF a state can afford the hit they will take from no a reduced revenue.  Don't get me wrong as I'm not a supporter of taxes let alone the double and triple taxation we suffer from as our deficit continues to grow and politicians keep increasing taxes instead of cutting pork projects.

I saw another blogger note how she volunteered at a local charity type drive to provide supplies and clothing to children of low income in St. Louis and loved the fact that charity should be in the community.  One of the things that George W. Bush pushed while in office was charity began in the communities to help those less fortunate.  I completely agree with this mentality and would love to see all areas mimic what St. Louis does in helping those in need.
Everyone is being hit hard lately and I hope people continue that mentality to help others when they can.  If we take care of each other, it goes a long way.

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