Embracing a Healthy Family: Outlast Hand Sanitizer Works Up to Six Hours Party

Outlast Hand Sanitizer Works Up to Six Hours Party

Any reason to have a party is worth it!  Parties are fun but when you also get to host a party for a product, what a great idea to not only get your friends and family together but you also get to share a product and learn more about the product and/or company.  I have a lot of fun hosting these product parties and I was happy to be a part of the Outlast Hand Sanitizer party that introduced my family and friends to this new product.

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I have children with chronic medical conditions so I don't need added exposure to germs even though I know it's a common occurrence.  I also feel there is no need to unnecessarily expose them so I am a staunch user of hand sanitizer during the school year as well as when the cold and flu seasons hit.  When my kids get sick, the three year old could have devastating results so receiving the complimentary party kit of Outlast Hand Sanitizer products was ideal for us.

Here is something different about Outlast, it works up to six hours whereas the others work for around two minutes.  I had no idea and never thought about it until I learned more about Outlast.  This is ideal for those out in the public like my middle child who is around other little ones all day.  This would last her about all day as I'm not sure how her hand washing skills are at skill in spite of preaching her to do so.

Outlast relies on patent technology and not only works up to six hours but is a moisturizing, non-sticky liquid formula that leaves your hands feeling soft and not dried out.  Outlasts also has been used by hospitals for years.  The patented formula uses ethyl alcohol to kill the germs but the Viacydin patented technology is what allows it to keep working for up to six hours.

Having Outlast was wonderful and timely for our trip to Disney as well.  We were able to have added germ protection among all the crowds as you can see below, it was busy!

Our party began with watching the video on the site to receive more information on Outlast.  Each parent was able to try Outlast Hand Sanitizer themselves in their nice little gift bag they received.  We all agreed it left our skin soft and feeling moisturized.  Even our most sensitive mom didn't have issues with the formula.   The kids also liked it which is always a plus as the size of the bottle is handy enough to fit in a purse or a diaper bag for those trips to the store or wherever.  

School is gearing back up so it's a perfect time to try it yourself and right now, there is a special where you pay shipping, you can get your own bottle for free.

*Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary party pack of Outlast for the purposes of a party with my friends and family.  My post is extra and I was not compensated for it.

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