Embracing a Healthy Family: Second Pair of Earth Exer-Fit

Second Pair of Earth Exer-Fit

I'm loving my Earth Exer-Fit so much that I had to get a second pair to push up my tone and exer-fit routine.  What I like about Earth Exer-Fits is that they don't look like the Frankenstein shoes like some of the others ones look like.  They don't have that huge platform and they really look like normal shoes.  What I also like is I can wear them casually or during work outs to maximize my burn.  


Exer-Fit shoes burn 4x more fat than an ordinary shoe and have an airy mesh upper which enhances breathability, while the combination of anatomic arch support, BioFoam™ cushioning, and an ultra-lightweight, deep-grooved sole, absorbs and displaces shock to make burning extra calories a breeze.  You really don't feel the 3.7 degree incline once you get used to them which takes no time at all.

I chose the pink/white leather but there are other colors and an array of standard sizes available.

If you prefer a non-athletic shoe, there are other choices too like the Exer-Flip, Exer-Luxe, Exer-Slide and more.   There is even a 12 minute exercise routine you can download featuring Tracy Mallett to help you burn even more.  The exercises can be done anywhere and really is a great alternative to those working in an office or at home and need a quick pick me up.

You can find Earth Footwear here but I purchase all mine at Planet Shoes.

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