Embracing a Healthy Family: Second Post: Teaching Your Little One to Ride a Bike

Second Post: Teaching Your Little One to Ride a Bike

I'm excited to have an opportunity to teach my girls how to ride a bike.  The irony is that my three year old might learn before my seven year old thanks to Strider Sports International.  The concepts behind riding a bike were so amazingly clear after corresponding with Strider Sports that I never connected the two.  I'm very impressed with Strider's customer service as they not only sell a product, they back it up with exceptional support.  Granted, I was provided with a complimentary bike for my daughter but I can tell based on their site and the other customer's reviews that they are a company committed to helping parents.  I really like that personal touch where the business goes out of their way to provide support versus just selling a product.

Basically, to ride a bike, a child needs to learn how to peddle and how to balance.  Training wheels help to teach how to peddle but they don't teach balance.  The best way that I have found to teach my girls about balance is with the concept that Strider teaches which are no peddles.  The line of bikes are small and perfect for the little ones.  As you can see from the video, my little one has the concept down for learning to use her feet to move the bike along.  Her next step is to use her feet to make the bike go but to pick up her feet and learn to balance as she moves along.  The concept is so amazingly simple and logical that it's like one of those  "ah ha" moments.  

Although my video quality is off, I didn't want to lose the time moment of where she is with learning so I am posting anyway.  She's getting there and many thanks to Strider!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Kenny said...

My son has been using his strider bike for the past 3 months and he loves it. I can also attest to the great customer service of Strider Bikes. I love this company and I am always recommending them to my friends and family.

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