Embracing a Healthy Family: Summer Visit Almost Over

Summer Visit Almost Over

Our summer time visit with my three nieces is almost over and my girls have loved it!  We live the furthest away from them so they don't have the opportunity to play.  I picked up three of them and returned on a 10 hour journey for a total of seven in one vehicle.  My husband should be lucky he was in Kuwait and missed out!  

We've had lots of outside pool time and a trip to the zoo along with Build-A-Bear!  It's been nearly two weeks of a never ending slumber party full of birthday parties, trips, playtime and more.  I'm fortunate to have been able to do this as I think family is so important and in spite of the distance and others in my family not embracing the importance of family, I make sure it happens.

One of my niece's name is Hannah so my three year old keeps calling her Hannah Montana which is funny as she just walked in saying "Hannah Montana is being mean to me."  All in all, it's been a great trip and the only thing I would change would be not going to Wendy's for those kid's meals after the Riverbank's Zoo trip. They have these annoying plastic musical instruments that two have taken an extreme liking to and never stop making the "music!"

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