Embracing a Healthy Family: Ten Tips for Ensuring a Healthy, Safe and Successful School Year

Ten Tips for Ensuring a Healthy, Safe and Successful School Year

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Back to school and many parents are getting ready to party but I am mixed about school.  I like the fact that she's learning, socializing and getting exposure to so much goodness yet I miss her terribly.  I also worry about her eating properly as she has epilepsy and needs to have a stable environment relative to sleeping, eating and not getting too exhausted.  Some of the things I do to help protect her are pretty basic and are the same that I do for myself and other family members.

  1. Proper rest is imperative for anyone.  Without it, she will have difficulty concentrating, focusing on the subjects and staying awake.
  2. Eating healthy is essential again for anyone.  A proper diet is vital to a healthy education.  Without proper nutrition, we cannot function, focus nor feel good.
  3. Balancing school, home and social functions can be overwhelming for kids so I ensure there is a balance of activities so she's not burning the candle at both ends to include myself.
  4. I'm a stickler for hand washing!  I have a younger one with a compromised immune system so the issue of hand washing is a big deal.
  5. Manners is another area in which I feel generates into a happy, adjusted child.  Children need to learn and understand manners and good citzenship.  Manners is the key to socializing which in turns produces happy children and a successful school year as what teacher doesn't love a polite child?
  6. Routine check ups with the eyecare professional, dentist and pediatrician are paramount to ensuring my child is on track and not suffering from something such as poor eyesight which creates more problems.
  7. Proper clothing as nothing is more distracting to a child than clothes and shoes that don't fit.  Kids are very aware of each other and ensuring kids are comfortable, wearing appropriate, clean clothing will also aid in ensuring they have a healthy, safe and successful school year.
  8. Good hygiene habits such as regular baths also eliminates children teasing one another while safe guarding them from other things lurking behind the scenes that can increase sicknesses.
  9. Setting aside time to do school work together.  Children sometimes need to be motivated to do school work and for a child to be successful, the parents need to take their part in the education at home.
  10. Love and hugs is last but not least! A child needs positive reinforcement with all the love and emotional support you can give.  A well nurtured child will be more confident, feel better about themselves and be more loving to one another.
The purpose of this post is not only to enter the TwitterMoms and Airwear's contest in winning possible prizes (you can find out more here) but also to raise awareness about a topic that is personal to me.  I wore glasses as a child and wear them to read now.  I know how important early, accurate testing is to ensure a child is not missing out because he/she cannot see properly.  My parents had me tested at a young age via the school's testing.  I had my seven year old tested at the local Army facility and realized quite quickly that the test was inadequate as they let her pass at that time because she was unable to communicate easily with the technician.

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