Embracing a Healthy Family: autrepeau Review: Lightweight, Form Fitting Undergarments for Comfort & Special 25% Code

autrepeau Review: Lightweight, Form Fitting Undergarments for Comfort & Special 25% Code

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Summer is fading unfortunately although sometimes I don't mind wearing a little more for that snug feeling of warmth.  When the weather starts to get colder, I think of itch clothing or other garments that might not feel too well on my skin.  I received a complimentary autrepeau Camisole with adjustable straps for review.  Available in black, white or buff, it fits comfortably under any garment you have to relieve any feelings of irritation.  

Camisole (adjustable strap)

It's lightweight and snug but not overly tight.  It provides the comfort you need while providing a barrier to some cloth that might be a little too harsh for your skin.  If you also like a layer between your skin and any other piece of clothing, this is it!  I liked the lightweight feel, the adjustable straps, the stretchy form fit it provides.  I have always wore a tank top style like this under my business jackets as I didn't want to reveal so much cleavage and this camisole is perfect for providing the protection on that front too.

If you don't know about autrepeau, they were "created out of the need for the ultimate innerwear. Originally started by two women working in the financial world, they heard that women were uncomfortable in stiff suits, itchy sweaters and clingy silk and were tired of spending their hard earned money on dry cleaning!"  

That really does sum it up for me!  The entire collection has styles befitting for any occasion or garment with sizes ranging from 4 through 18, they have it covered.

Lace Scoopneck Cap Sleeve Pant Liner V-neck Camisole 

Scoopneck Tank Sleeveless Turtleneck Long Sleeve V-Neck

3/4 Length Sleeve V-Neck Long Sleeve Crewneck Long Sleeve Turtleneck

They are available at retail locations as well as online.  To find a store closest to you, click here or just check out autrepeau.

I definitely recommend autrepeau for the fit, comfort, style and feel and use code HBCF10  for a special 25% off!

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