Embracing a Healthy Family: Elle's Law: Serious Physical Harm to Another While Driving

Elle's Law: Serious Physical Harm to Another While Driving

I had to post this about Elle's Law with school back in session as well as the end of summer since there are still so many pediatricians out there.  I had no idea that all states did not have a reckless law for those who harm others while driving and not under the influence of alcohol.
Please read this story about this little girl named Elle and what her mom has done to help encourage safety with our little ones and school.  Watching how my daughter's school is upon release, it definitely has opened my eyes.

Back to school time is always exciting and hectic but not always safe – last September, a little girl named Elle was on her way to preschool when she was hit by a driver who had illegally back through an intersection in search of a parking space. Elle spent weeks in a coma, had a stroke and lost most of the left side of her brain. The driver only received a slap on the wrist - a minor traffic ticket. Elle was three and a half at the time and doctors prepared her mother for the worst.
Fortunately, Elle has made a miraculous recovery and will be returning to school this fall, but many children have not been as lucky. The summer is long and drivers often forget that come fall, the streets will once again swarm with children heading to and from school. When a traffic accident involves a child, it is a tragedy that affects the entire family and its community. Unfortunately, in the majority of states in the US, there are no laws in place to deal with reckless drivers who are not under the influence of alcohol who harm pedestriansNew York, where Elle was struck, is one of those states. Because the driver who hit Elle was not drunk, he would not be punished beyond a minor traffic ticket. Elle’s mother was told that the only thing she could do is sue him.
Elle’s mother, Heather Vandenberghe, took a different approach.   Instead of suing that one driver and receiving only limited compensation for a life that is priceless, Heather decided to take action to protect other children from being the victims of careless drivers and pushed through legislation that would create harsher penalties for reckless driving.
Last Friday, on August 13th, Governor Paterson signed “Elle’s Law” into law. Under Elle’s Law, any driver who causes serious physical harm to another person will committing a traffic violation will receive license suspension of up to a year.
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Thanks CeCe from DKC News for the information.

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Angie B said...

i'm not sure if PA has this law. I don't think so but i could be wrong.

Judy Joyce said...

I always assumed all states had a law like this!

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