Embracing a Healthy Family: Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready to go Back to School

Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready to go Back to School

I have a bittersweet view of school and although I'm glad my children get to socialize and learn new things, I miss them while they are gone.  I never struggled with it for my oldest but I think it's because she was healthy and I worked full time out of the home.   Two of my children have medical conditions and so I worry about their health.  Home schooling is an option I'm embracing as it allows me to have the ability to safe guard them while teaching them the recommended curriculum as well as good values and morals.  TwitterMoms and HarperCollins have teamed up again to offer this great contest about your tips for getting your kids ready to go back to school and you can join in here.


This was an easy one for me as our routine has been the same regardless of the child.  It's always a ritual to prepare in the same manner to ensure their success each year.  Here are my tips:

  1. Make sure all needed supplies are bought before the first day of school.  It's essential the children have their needed supplies as it's disruptive to the class when one isn't ready to begin.  Teachers seem to be burdened with purchasing more and more every year and while I'm purchasing all the things on the school lists, this helps my little ones have what they need for class.
  2. I plan, purchase and prepare balanced meals that will not only give them the proper nutrition but also to keep them operating on a full tank.  A hungry child is one that will lose focus easily.
  3. Proper rest is paramount to a successful year in school.  One week prior to the start of school, we return to our normal school routine of an early bedtime and wake up to make the transition smooth.
  4. All needed clothes are purchases ahead of the first day of school.  A child well groomed is happier regardless of the age.  Kids can be cruel so ensuring they are wearing proper clothing will help with self-esteem.
  5. We practice reading so the skill set is not lost.  Whether it's reading to them or them reading to me, the practice never hurts and only helps to ensure they are on the right track.
There are so many things to do to get kids ready for school that it continues on for the remainder of the year.  It's essential that parents partner up with the classroom and the PTO to assist wherever possible.  The success of a school is as good as the parents that support it.  Parents are a part of the equation and with everyone working together, children will have a much better chance at learning and succeeding.

Share your tips on what you do to get your kids ready for school whether it's at a school or if you home school.

Disclaimer:  I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms blogging program to be eligible to get a HarperCollins book set.  For more information on how you can participate, click here.  

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Great tips! Thanks for sharing them!

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