Embracing a Healthy Family: Win $100 GC, Zhu Zhu & More & $50 GC Giveaways 8/31

Win $100 GC, Zhu Zhu & More & $50 GC Giveaways 8/31

My seven year old daughter's Angels4Epilepsy project has hit a roadblock at 18 and has not budged since late Friday.  In order for her to win a $5,000 Pepsi Grant, she needs to be in the top 10 by 8/31 and competition is getting fierce.

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Please help her win! Voting is daily until 8/31 via logging in Pepsi.

You can vote three times a day by going to my Facebook page and clicking the link with the red bulleye button, logging in via your e-mail from Pepsi and texting 101122 to 73774 (Pepsi).

You also get five bonus entries to any of my giveaways until 8/31.

$100 GC & More Giveaway HERE

$50 GC Giveaway HERE

Please vote and refer to as many people as you can!

Jamie suffers from Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and due to the condition/medication, she also has pediatric migraines and insomnia.  Jamie wants to get non-profit status and buy more items for the gift bags she delivers to children in the hospital.  You can read more at her blog at:  http://www.angels4epilepsy.blogspot.com.  Long term, we want to educate schools on what epilepsy is, types of seizures, care of an epileptic and much more.

We are planning a Christmas delivery with Santa and Jamie dressed as Rudolph so please help!  Thanks!

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