Embracing a Healthy Family: Crossroads


Isn't it funny that no matter your age, well sort of, you get the fabulous question to answer of "what will I do when I grow up?"  If you think back to the "old" days, they didn't have the luxury of flexibility as we do now.  It's not unheard of to switch careers and try something else and I think that's an enormous change from what our grandparents experienced.  Now based on what my father told me, my grandparents did change careers a lot but that was mostly due to the depression and they did all they could to make things work.  I don't think welfare was such an easy prospect and I think it was FDR that started most of that in response to the depression.  

When I started out in college, I wanted to be police officer as it really did appeal to me to want to serve people.  I ended up getting married young and had my first child eight days after turning 20.  I continued on the path for a criminal justice degree with more reluctance now that I had a child.  I contemplated law school but being right out of college, I was ready to start something outside of school.  

I ventured down the path of something unexpected which was an environmental officer with a state.  It was a job that afforded me the ability to assess high penalties against the public for violations.  I had the southern part of the state and with that territory, for some reason, came a lot of sexual harassment.  After dealing with it too much, I left and the next position that happened into my path was with a pharmaceutical company.   This was something I knew nothing about but dove in.  I LOVED WORKING AT THIS PLACE!  I did for at least the first eight or nine years.

Then came new management and a change away from employees that mattered.  Much happened through my career there and I felt I was part of the bigger picture in running clinical drug trials on patients to assess safety and efficacy.  Most of my work was done on diabetes so I learned a lot about it.  Eventually, this June, I ran the course of that career and now I'm a stay at home mom which I love.  

Once upon a time, I took the LSAT and I didn't do that hot on it.  I found out they have shelf lives and expire which means I get to take it again.  My passion is to work on innocence projects for those falsely accused.  Now my choices are law school which means I would have to live apart from my husband because we keep getting deployed at installations where there are no law schools or continue to put my dream on hold.

Isn't it nice we have choices?

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