Embracing a Healthy Family: Crystal® Deodorant Review & Deals

Crystal® Deodorant Review & Deals

I'm on a mission to get healthier and with that mission, is a path forward identifying products that will be better for myself and my family.  I have many concerns about products currently out there and one product that has a pretty high concern for me is deodorant.  I don't like the chemicals that are present in nearly all deodorants on the market.  My seven year has epilepsy and I try to steer clear of bad over the counter products that contain questionable ingredients.  She started needing deodorant and I was so hesitant in buying her some until my other daughter found a natural product.  It was a stick type deodorant that you have to get wet to use.  She didn't care much for it so when One2One Network offered an opportunity to receive complimentary Crystal® Deodorant, I had to try it.

Facts about Crystal® | Respect the body™:
  • Crystal® is the original mineral salt deodorant brand (established in 1984)
  • Crystal® is a natural deodorant that actually works
  • Simple ingredients, simple promise:  All day natural odor prevention
  • Mineral salts create an invisible barrier that make it impossible for odor causing bacteria to grow
  • Crystal® deodorants are available in 28,000 stores worldwide (including Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid)


Crystal® Deodorant is the world's first original and first mineral salt deodorant brand that prevents odor, goes on like any other deodorant and one stick can last up to a year!  That's a deal in itself!  My complimentary samples included three full sized roll-on samples.  

Available Crystal® Products:
  • Both unscented (Crystal Body Deodorant®) and lightly scented (Crystal® essence)
  • Crystal® Body Deodorant is available in 4.5 ounce Stick, 2.25 Oz. Roll-On and 4 Oz Body Spray
  • Crystal® essence (Pomegranate, Lavender & White Tea and Chamomile & Green Tea) is available in 2.25 Oz Roll-On and 4 Oz Body Spray 
My seven year old tried the The Un-Deodorant.  She preferred the roll-on feel and it worked.  Crystal® Deodorant works by neutralizing bacteria versus masking the odors.  All of Crystal® Deodorants are hypoallergenic, contains no aluminum chlorohydrate, praben free, alcohol free, non-sticky and does not stain clothing.  Just her wanting to wear it was a big improvement over the other brands I tried and since it works, this will also help her in school with odor prevention.

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Both my older daughter and I tried the other two. I tried the Essence Lavender and White Tea and she tried the Essence Pomegranate.  They rolled on with ease just as the other Crystal® Deodorants, dried quickly and did not stain.   The initial fragrance is strong from the roll on applicator but it does not stay strong on the body and leaves a nice, light fragrance.  I'm a heavy sweater and had to only use Secret but after application and spending part of a day in the hot Georgia sun, it's proven it is just as strong and effective but safer (as least in my opinion).  I did not like applying aluminum based products to my underarms and really have been wanting to make the switch over.

Interesting Facts on Crystal®:
  • Mineral salts work as a buffer between your skin and odor causing bacteria.
  • Goes on lightly, won’t leave a white residue.
  • Won’t stain clothes.
  • Crystal Body Deodorant Stick lasts up to a full year of daily use!  NO JOKE!
  • Crystal deodorants do NOT need to be reapplied during the day.  A single application under each arm lasts the entire day. ( Can endure even the toughest, longest workouts.)
  • Endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers.
  • Rated safest in the Skin Deep database / Environmental Working (www.ewg.org <http://www.ewg.org> )
  • Compact Signer of the Campaign for Safer Cosmetics
  • Never tested on animals (member of Leaping Bunny)

SEPTEMBER Crystal® SALE PRICE PROMOTION: (Not coupons but rather limited time discount)

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