Embracing a Healthy Family: Health Product Reviews

Health Product Reviews

Fall Into Good Health Series: Homeopathy Medicines for Children

As part of my series in getting healthier and having two children with chronic medical conditions both linked to elevated risks with H1N1, I am definitely in tuned to alternative methods of safeguarding them. The homeopathic drugs allow another alternative to treating illnesses and diseases without the worry of contraindications. With epilepsy, Keppra has warnings and with severe asthma, the same holds true. As I approach this winter and all the reports of an increase risk with H1N1, this appears to be a good approach for me.

These are some of the ways I'm safeguarding my family:

  1. Everyone washes their hands frequently and in particularly, after a sneeze or blowing of the nose.
  2. Hand sanitizer is used when washing hands is not viable. We go through a lot of hand sanitizer! I don't bombard the house with an abundance of anti-bacterial products as I feel too much of a good thing could be bad.
  3. Vitamins are taken by both myself and my husband as well as my children.
  4. Ensuring everyone is getting good sound sleep and eating a well balanced, healthy meal is also critical.

  5. Light therapy via playing outside in the sun. This was actually prescribed by one of my daughter's allergist for both girls as he was telling me how lack of Vitamin D is increasingly becoming an issue in the US and kids need to spend more time outside.
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Organic Beauty Products

The Organic Pharmacy: Carrot Butter Cleanser

The more I learn about the chemicals and preservatives in all products we consume, the more I worry. These ingredients are in our food, our drinks, our our beauty products and I'm sure the list goes on.

With my continuous battle of the bulge, I started reading more and more about these products that are added into everything and became concerned. I never really thought about them being added to our beauty products and baby products until recently.

The Organic Pharmacy has interesting and informative content on this very issue. It states that on average, we use between 5 to 15 products a day that are full of toxins. If you think about it, at least from a woman's perspective, it's very true. Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, facial lotion/moisturizer, acne medication, deodorant, foundation, blush, powder and so forth. By the time we get ready to eat more toxic products, we are already toxic.

Click HERE For the full post on The Organic Pharmacy and Carrot Butter Cleanser (review).



How PreHistin® Works

PreHistin® is the “World’s First Pre-Histamine.” Unlike most popular allergy "anti-histamine" products, PreHistine works to regulate the production of histamine in yoru body. Histamines are responsible for creating the chemical reactions in your body which trigger sneezing, nasal congestion, and runny nose.

Antihistamines act to block the effects of histamine only after histamine has already been released. PreHistin™ is the first product ever to prevent the over-production of IgE and thus prevent a significant release of symptom-causing histamine in the first place.

Antihistamines often result in uncomfortable and annoying side effects, such as drowsiness or sedation, headache, dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, disturbed sleep and overexcitement in children. 100% natural PreHistin™ has none of these side effects.

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Infectiguard by Dr. Fresh is a great new hand sanitizer that is effective in killing germs but not killing your hands. It has a moisturizer built in to not alone protect your hands from germs but also against dryness unlike other hand sanitizer products.

I used Infectiguard for a week and with having two medically compromised children, one with an immunodeficiency, I'm nearly an expert on using these type of products. All the various products up until now, always dried my hands out and have strong alcohol odors to them.

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Multiple Healthy Product Giveaways

Good health is essential with all the various strains of the flu thriving. Not only do you have to worry about the flu, but just trying to maintain good health should be the ultimate goal. This post is based on a series of products for your health thanks to the opportunity I had as a member of the Product Review Place and Laura.

Certain Dri, Florastor, Softlips, Lipo-Flavonoid, Cystex and CharcoCaps

More Information and a Giveaway HERE

Step Up to Get Fit Challenge

Need help and encouragement to finally get into shape?

Tired of being tired and not feeling great?

Are you ready for a new you?

Why wait until January 1st for yet another failed New Year's resolution?

How about breaking tradition and why not GET IN SHAPE BEFORE January 1st and start the year off great?

Pur Favor Options Water Filtration System Pitcher Review and Giveaway

I received my Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System pitcher for review from an opportunity on the Product Review Place and Lindsay (thank you!)! I always call my husband a computer geek but I'm starting to accept that I'm a reviewer geek. I waited impatiently for my Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System after reading all the other great reviews on this innovative product that not only delivers purified water but you can purchase flavor cartridges to jazz up the tastes.

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Enfant Pediatric Vision Testing System Review

This post in the series for good health, is about the Enfant Pediatric Vision Testing System. The Enfant Pediatric Vision Testing System can be used on children as young as six months of age. What is unique about Enfant™, the child does not have to be able to communicate to have their vision tested. This is great news for parents and children as they don't have to wait until they can understand verbal cues. The testing is non-invasive which means no pupil dilation or sedation.

More Information HERE
Earth Baby Organic Hair Detangler Review
Earth Baby provided their organic Baby Hair Detangler for my review. What I thought was cute were the words "Forget me Knot" imprinted on the bottle. I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place.

When I received the Baby Hair Detangler, I liked the bottle as it was attractive and had a tiny picture of the endangered Tarsier Monkey which they are a friend of (support through charity). The bottle was white with light green accents and had an easy flip up top. I stress that as I almost bust my fingernails opening other bottles.

More Information HERE

Gluten Free Betty Crocker Simple Joy (Fruit Snack) Review and Giveaway

With more and more health concerns emerging about gluten-free products, Betty Crocker has answered the demand to offer great choices at affordable prices. Not only are they answering the demand to add a variety of products to their line up of gluten-free, they have partnered with Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) to further generate awareness for celiac disease.

Celiac disease, a chronic inherited digestive disorder, can cause damage to the small intestine. It is estimated that one in 133 Americans suffer from celiac disease – 3 million adults and children are living undiagnosed with this autoimmune disorder that is managed by following a gluten-free diet.

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Quick Boost Energy Supplement Review
QUICK-BOOST in either orange or lime, claims to be a scientifically formulated beverage that combines some of nature's most powerful flavonoid antioxidants with key vitamins and metabolic enhancers. Its energy-producing effects help fight fatigue, attack free radicals, and repair cells, as well as boost energy and performance, and support daily wellness and vitality.

All you have to do is mix with 8-24 oz. of water and in no time, you do feel less tired, more energized and ready to go. The recommendations are twice a day in the morning and afternoon.

More Information HERE

I have more products to add as soon as I finish reviewing them. 

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