Embracing a Healthy Family: Hellmann's Virtual Sandwich Swap 'n' Share: How You Can Help Feed Hungry Kids

Hellmann's Virtual Sandwich Swap 'n' Share: How You Can Help Feed Hungry Kids

Hellmann's® / Best Foods® Sandwich Swap 'n' Share: To Benefit Share Our Strength® - No Kid Hungry. Help us donate $75,000 when you build and swap sandwiches with friends! We're proud to partner with Share Our Strength®, a national nonprofit that connects children with the nutritious food they need to lead healthy, active lives. Create your perfect sandwich, let us create one for you or choose a celebrity sandwich and we'll make a donation to Share Our Strength®. Plus, every time you swap with a friend, we'll make another donation! GET STARTED >

Don't you just love back to school and thinking about what to make for lunch?  I always dread it as my one child is so picky so it's hard to make interesting lunches with better ingredients.  I always hope that the school lunch will be good even though I know my prepared lunch would most likely be better and healthier for her.  One thing that happened in our school system last year at the end of the year were notifications of a huge amount of back fees for unpaid lunch.  I saw it on our local FreeCyclers group and was taken back by the mean comments by those not understanding why a child may not have money to pay for lunch.  The truth is many people can't afford it then and more now.  This is where Hellmann's comes into play for this post.

Hellmann's® and Best Foods® Mayonnaise are putting the fun back into lunch this September with their virtual Sandwich Swap 'n' Share program.  Celebrity chef Bobby Flay and actress/mom Lori Loughlin are teaming up with Hellmann's® to help re-launch Hellmann's® virtual Sandwich Swap 'n' Share on the Facebook® application (Facebook.com/Hellmanns).  This virtual version of the beloved school lunch ritual of swapping sandwiches will benefit Share Our Strength®, the leading non-profit organization ending childhood hunger in America.

When people visit Hellmann's® Page on Facebook®, they'll have the opportunity to create a sandwich on the application and, for every sandwich built, Hellmann's® will make a donation to Share Our Strength®.  What's more, when they share a sandwich with a friend, an additional donation will be made as part of Hellmann's® $75,000 commitment to support Share Our Strength®.

Need some inspirational ideas for cooking?  Check out what is also on the Hellmann's Facebook site:


  • Chicken Or Turkey Gyros
  • Grilled Steak Sandwiches With Steak Sauce Mayonnaise & Romaine
  • Pimento (Red Pepper) Cheese-Bacon Burgers
 Many more great recipes here.

*Disclosure:  I wrote this post and have been entered for a chance to win a gift as part of the Hellmann's® program via my participation with Moms Select.

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