Embracing a Healthy Family: HEXBUGS! HEXBUGS Nano In-Home Party


Original HEXBUG (random color)

Micro Robotic Creatures?  Does that scare you?  It did one of my daughters at first until she warmed up the little micro robotic creatures called HEXBUGS.  These tiny little power house of fun react to touch and sound and are really amazing.  Innovations First Labs, Inc. is the owner of these hot little toys that will most likely be the big hit at Christmas so better get them now before they sell out!

HEXBUG Ant: Green HEXBUG Crab: Black HEXBUG Inchworm: Pink

The cute thing about HEXBUGS, they arrive in tiny clear test tube containers adding to the appeal.  There are many different types of HEXBUGS too:
  • Original
  • Inchworm
  • Crab
  • Ant
  • Nano

I had the opportunity through BSM Media to host a party with these amazing creatures.   We received 30 HEXBUGS,  a HEXBUGS Nano Habitat Set, spare batteries and a HEXBUGS Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set.  Combine all of that with kids and it equaled a great party!

We ended up having two parties but here are the pictures from one of them:

The kids had so much fun putting them together and really didn't mind taking them apart.  It was a lot of work and you really need to have some sort of a small tub or case to store them because it takes a lot of room.  Even though there were many, many pieces, it was great fun.  The other nice things about HEXBUGS, you can have loads of fun without the Habitat Sets.  You put them down and they go!  When they hit something, they change directions.  They are really going to be a big hit with many, many boys and some girls too!  They do go through the batteries quick so be prepared.  

Kids can even register their HEXBUG online to keep track of their Nano, play games with others, download photos and learn more about robotic science. 

Check out others having fun with HEXBUGS:

The kids love HEXBUG!

Thanks to HEXBUGS and BSM Media for the opportunity to review and host this great party!

Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set

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