Embracing a Healthy Family: Kohana: Connect with Nature Skin Care Products

Kohana: Connect with Nature Skin Care Products

What better present than skin care products all the way from Hawaii!  Hawaii's natural beauty and that way of life has led to a luxurious line of natural and organic bath and beauty products created by Kohana

Previously, I received two complimentary products by Kohana and in the spirit of providing a well thought out, thorough review, I used each product for six weeks.  I loved both products after the first use but I wanted to see if I would continue to like them for a longer duration.   The first product I tried is the Kohana Lavender Sugar Scrub priced at $18.00.   This scrub is made of organic sugar and exotic lavender butter that exfoliates and nourishes the skin.  

The scrub is easy to use with application by a small scooping out with the fingers while massaging in circular motions on the dry areas.  The skin feels wonderful as it's not too harsh and there is an immediate softness felt.  The softness lasts longer than just leaving the bath and really delivers.  The aroma is not too strong and just right.  I love sugar scrubs but this is my favorite to date.  I love how my skin feels afterwards and how it's not an oily feel.

The second product I reviewed is the Kohana Lavender Butter Creme priced at $22.00.   This creme is made from pure lavender essential oil, healing herbs and distillate waters.  It's a soothing, light, non-greasy creme that leaves your skin soft and nourished.  Lavender is used for its soothing, calming and restorative properties.  It's also knowns for it's anti-inflammatory effects not to mention the soothing fragrance that is light and airy and not too powerful.

Another great quality is it can be used on the face or body.  It is not thick so it can be applied easily and it doesn't require a lot to nourish the skin.  I liked the feel, how my skin improved in appearance and texture and how I could apply the Lavender Butter Creme without having an overpowering intoxicating odor when I left.  

Both products are wonderful and the fact that they are organic is a plus for me.  I am moving away from many toxic products and am so happy that there are products such as this available.  I would definitely recommend Kohana products.


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About Kohana:

Exotic butters and extraordinary ingredients such as macadamia nut butter, matcha green tea butter, and lavender butter as well as organic coconut oil, rich Kona coffee and green papaya enzymes have been incorporated to beautify the skin. Rare flower extracts like jasmine and fresh ginger essential oil are among the fragrant scents evoking the atmosphere of the Hawaiian islands. Hawaiian red Alaea sea salt and kukui nut oil provide therapeutic properties to rejuvenate the skin. 

Kohana was born out of love for the beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii. Christie Wanlass and her family began visiting the Hawaiian islands more than twenty years ago. She fell in love with the beauty of the islands and has never felt quite so welcome or at home. Dealing with severe eczema her entire life, she was always looking for effective skin care products that would moisturize and heal her dry and cracked skin. Upon her first visit to the island of Kauai, her skin responded to the sun, the humidity and the minerals of the deep blue Hawaiian waters of the Pacific. Her skin felt healthy and deeply moisturized by the natural elements.

After several years of visiting the islands, Christie began experimenting with some of the tropical oils and butters on her own skin. She found dry skin relief and improvement in her eczema when making simple salves formulated with kukui nut oil and mango butter. These simple experimentations have evolved

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Kohana has many products for your special someone for Christmas!  

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Julie said...

Now I really want some of the Lavender Sugar Scrub. I am a sucker for anything with lavender.

Judy Joyce said...


It's really a great product! It's not overpowering but it's just enough! I love how it feels too post using it!


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