Embracing a Healthy Family: The New Adventures of Old Christine

The New Adventures of Old Christine

Have you had a chance to watch The New Adventures of Old Christine with Julia Louis-Dreyful?  It seems to fall a successful trend of shows geared towards us wonderful women no longer in our 20's and even possibly out of 30's.  Women starting anew, with careers, children and no husband.  I think it is successful because so many women are on that same path for whatever reason so why not find humor in every day life struggles?   How many women don't use a sleep aid to help get to sleep from time to time?  Julia's character resorts to Nyquil.  She also leads a life that is typical being the single parent and also having a relative co habitat with her and her son.

Watching shows like this always provided real life humor from the friend that is so different from us, the family member that needs our help and the ex who tries to stay on.  The humor found is so parallel to most lives that it helps to show we aren't that out of the ordinary and who doesn't need a laugh anyway?

I always like the tongue and cheek humor that shows like this has.  Probably the biggest draw for me is how she is struggling with taking care of everyone else and it seems no one takes care of her.  One scene has her brother coming and inquiring to what she is doing.  With sarcasm, she responds ironing.  He follows up with something like 'I would have thought so but the iron is unplugged.'  I can't remember how many times I've done things like that just due to multi-tasking.

Give it try and see The New Adventures of Old Christine.

"I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'The New Adventures of Old Christine.

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