Embracing a Healthy Family: Planning My Daughter's Baby Shower Newest Picture

Planning My Daughter's Baby Shower Newest Picture

This is where I am on the desert table for my daughter's baby shower at the end of September.  I'm really loving the Silhoutte that I received for all the digital paper cutting projects.  Glue Dots and a hot glue gun really makes it easier.

The glass was on sale with 50% off at Hobby Lobby, ribbon was all purchased on sale at Hancock Fabrics and the rest is coming from my daughter and I making the decorations.  Using a digital paper cutter is amazingly easy and can't wait to create many more things with it.  My daughter is having a lot of fun knowing we are creating everything for her magical moment which in itself, is invaluable.

We're going to make brownie pops too and tried our hand at cheesecake pops which are hard to make but taste great.  We tried them with a chocolate coating and without and preferred them without it.  The chocolate just overpowered the delicious cheesecake taste which is an absolute no-no in our house.  I'm thinking of using the Cheesecake Factory's vanilla bean cheesecake as inspiration.  White chocolate shavings would look divine on the pops.

Our desert table will have:

Rock Candy
Swizzle Sticks
Brownie Pops
Cheesecake Pops

Our food table will have:

Pasta Salad
Fruit Plate
Cheese Plate
Veggie Plate
Cuban Finger Sandwiches
Regular Finger Sandwiches


Tassimo Selection of Coffee and Lattes
Southern Sweet Tea (we're in Georgia!)
Stewarts Old Fashion Orange Soda (dressed up for the shower)
Water (bottles with personalized labels)
Soda (assortment)


Photo frame with the 4D ultrasound picture of Elizabeth

More to come ....

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