Embracing a Healthy Family: Womentorz and Etsy Shop Showcase

Womentorz and Etsy Shop Showcase


This is my tribute to the wonderful women of Womentorz and Etsy seller entrepreneurs who try to make a little extra spending money or use their sales to live off of. 

I have my store on Zazzle so I know how nice the extra here and there means.  With that, I want to use this space to promote unique, special or great products.  Know one that should be added, let me know!

Scroll down below for the Etsy Shop spotlights!


Womentorz™ is a marketplace of the latest inventions made by women where each inventor has their own storefront.  Visitors are given a wonderful place to find unique gifts and interesting gadgets that solve problems in daily life in one, easy to navigate online forum.  Every product listed is supporting a network of creative women and sustaining their independence.

 provides a user friendly, membership-based website which allows women inventors to sell their products directly to consumers, thereby eliminating cost and dependency on retail distribution. Each member is given their own storefront with multiple promotional tools built in to really showcase their product.  The visitor is able to purchase the product either on the inventor's own website that will pop up in a separate window, by phone or email.  
We've done the legwork for members! Their product will not be thrown in with hundreds or thousands of others hoping to be found.  We provide one on one marketing that's outside the box and unlimited while a member.  Every inventor works hard to bring their invention to life.  We give the invention the exposure it deserves!

I don't understand why Blogger is giving me such a hard time with these posts so starting with Goddess Box and Grill Charms, I'm writing a separate post and linking it here.

Goddess Box and Grill Charms
Kt Steppers


Do you struggle to get your child to wear their eyeglasses? Kids think eyeglasses are geeky. Ficklets makes them Hip & Cool. Introducing Ficklets, the first interchangeable eyewear charm hugger, designed to adorn eyeglasses with a fun, fresh twist to help kids feel comfortable in their glasses and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Another reason for Ficklets? Prescription eyeglasses are expensive. Ficklets give tired, old eyeglasses a quick, affordable update. Best part, your child will find the "eye-popping" designs irresistible. ~PATENT DESIGN

"I did receive the Ficklets, and I love them." Dr. Alaina T. - Eye Doctor, NJ

"... love, love, love them…several of my OD friends are wanting to carry them now too." Dr. Kreslyn B. - Optometrics Dr., GA

"You are my hero! Your Ficklets are THE one thing that makes my four-year-old WANT to wear her glasses! She is nearly legally blind, and even though they help her tremendously, she doesn't always cooperate with me about wearing them. But now, thanks to her tiaras and ladybugs, she is always willing to put 'em on!!! THANK YOU!!!!" Jennifer C.H. - NJ (via Facebook).

At only $5.98, you can purchase them here.

Papillon Baby Bath Ring Seat

The Papillon is a soft baby bath ring tested and approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. If your baby is sitting up on his own and has outgrown his infant tub, this product is exactly what he needs to play freely in the water while while you wash him safely.
Designed by a chiropractor, The Papillion's revolutionary butterfly shape prevents baby from tipping over in the tub. It lets baby “float” around the bathtub and reach for bath toys freely!
Simply tie the Papillon around baby's waist and let the fun begin!

What makes the Papillon a great alternative to cold, hard plastic baby bath seats?

  • The Papillon develops your baby's sense of independence
  • The Papillon enhances baby's motor skills and sense of balance
  • The Papillon supports your baby even when he tries to stand up
  • The Papillon outlasts a traditional bath seat
  • Made of gentle fabric, the Papillon is soft and comfortable against baby’s sensitive skin
  • The Papillon lets you bathe all of your baby’s body with ease
  • The Papillon lets you easily bathe two children or twins at a time
  • The Papillon is super easy to clean
  • The Papillon is light, foldable and portable

Read our Papillon baby bath ring product review:

"We love the Papillon! The bathtub became a safe playground for my son, and I could rest assured he’d be safe while splashing around in the water. I definitely recommend this product" - Review by Mimi

"I purchased the papillon for my daughter and loved it so much that I have bought it as a shower gift for 2 other people!! This is a wonderful product!!" - Review by Maia

"I was extremely skeptical about this bath ring, but when I remembered what a pain it was getting my older children in and out of the classic plastic bath seats, I figured it was worth a shot. Needless to say, I am no longer a skeptic. I love it!! I’ve used it at least a dozen times now, and have yet to see my little boy have any trouble with it. He was a bit unsure the first time, but he soon realized that he could scoot around and even flop on his belly and kick his feet. He is all smiles in the tub now. I highly recommend this product!" - Review by Denise
Price: $39.99 to purchase, click here.

The Breast Chek Kit

Do you really know how to perform a Breast Self Exam?We can show you how! 

The Breast Chek Kit is a 4 piece self breast examination kit consisting of the "Patented" Breast Chek Shirt a unique reusable knit spandex & nylon shirt with a superb fit for any breast size from an A cup to KK cup and above. A fabric maker, an annual calendar and instruction card are also included.

The size of the diagram depends on the size of your breast. The fit of shirt allows for the natural sag in the breast tissue allowing you to take the exam standing or lying down. The diagram is also raised slightly for the visually impaired.

The Breast Chek Kit is available in Spanish & French. And, while rare, men do get breast cancer. We have a special shirt for men in darker colors. E-mail us for more information on the product for men or for the product in other languages.

The purpose of the shirt is to teach you how to perform an accurate breast self exam by allowing you to trace and target any lumps in the breast tissue and lymph node area under the arm pit. 

The shirt forms to fit the breast like a second skin and features an embedded traceable diagram knitted into the garment, ensuring all of the breast tissue and lymph node areas under the arm pit are covered. By following the diagram with your fingers, you will learn how to accurately perform a self breast exam.

Should any lumps be felt, the  unique fabric marker included, allows you to write directly on the shirt targeting the area where the lump was first felt. By  targeting and tracking  you can easily show your physician precisely where a suspected lump was located.  Using the annual calendar to record the date of your exam,  any changes, or questions you might have for your physician, helps you take more responsibility for your breast health.

Until there is a CURE for BREAST CANCER, Early Detection is the key! A once a year mammogram is not enough! Get to know your BREAST! Visit us online at:

Price: $49.95

To purchase, click here.

Stay tuned for more great products from Womentorz.


The Etsy Spotlight:

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Little Girl Creations - Hair bows, clothing for little girls and bottle cap creations.  Click here for my post for Little Girl Creations.

Creative Clam - Bags, purses, magnets, medical alerts, collectibles and much more.  Click here for my post for Creative Clam.

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