Embracing a Healthy Family: Wonderful Customer Service at aBaby.com

Wonderful Customer Service at aBaby.com

Every now and then, you experience extraordinary customer service and it makes you feel good.  It's funny when we experience poor quality, rude customer service agents or just a bad experience, we will report it.  When you have exceptional customer service, it really can set the tone of your own mood.  I can't recall how many times I went shopping and my mood was lifted just based on friendly, sincere and caring cashiers.  

I purchased a less than stellar bassinet for my daughter at a really great price but the fabric was ugly and of low quality.  When I saw a very expensive one at another store, it made me want to hunt down something better as my first grand baby deserves it.  So off I went shopping online as that's my favorite way to shop via Amazon.  I saw the Embossed Damask Creation Liner -skirt & Hood - Color Ecru - Size 16x32 and had to have it!  I placed the order from aBaby.com in hopes it would make it in time for the shower but there was a problem.

Embossed Damask Creation Liner -skirt & Hood - Color Ecru - Size 16x32

The customer service agent contacted me inquiring about the size of this and the petticoat I ordered.   I didn't know the size and wasn't feeling well so I just gave her the product description of the bassinet.  She responded back asking for the precise measurement to ensure we get the right item.  I was surprised at the over and beyond effort she made in delivering us what we wanted.

We received it today and love it and thank you Esty at aBably.com!

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