Embracing a Healthy Family: Genetically Modified Foods (GMO): Do You Know?

Genetically Modified Foods (GMO): Do You Know?

Have you been reading anything about Genetically Modified Foods or GMO they are referred to?  Since I have two children with chronic conditions as well as a desire to try to get healthier, I've been reading more and more about them.  I have always thought that when man tinkers with something that is naturally there, it most likely leads to bad things.  The same is emerging about GMO foods.  The problem with all this new technology and emerging technology is long lasting implications.  We're not talking about immediate reactions rather years down the road and even within what we pass on genetically.

For years, pharmaceuticals have been giving our animals various vaccinations, antibiotics and growth hormone type drugs such as cows to increase faster milk production.  Ever wonder if this same hormone they gave to cows to speed up milk production sooner in cows and increase output stays in the milk supply?  Wonder if our children are hitting puberty sooner because of this?  How about nine year old little, tiny girls having a chest?  It might be coincidental but I have said for years that it seems particular.  I used to work at a pharmaceutical and audited data for this very type of drug.

Now, we have the emerging markets of GMO where we take food and genetically alter them to produce other frankenfoods.  Seen the broccoli and cauliflower mixes in the story?  Cute at first glance isn't it?   Two for one vegetables.  An example GMO are some corn crops that are genetically altered to resist pests.  What does this really mean?  What type of pesticide is being used internally to stave off the pests?   According to the Dr. Mercola study, these internal pesticides causes the pests' stomachs to split and kills them once they take a bite of this corn.  You can read more about the work of Jeffrey Smith here.

There are noted studies done that show that immune systems are affected thus increasing allergic reactions to other foods.  The article continues with reported adverse events with this particular genetically altered pesticide which to me is scary.  This is also just one example of a GMO.  Here is a shopping guide if interested in trying to avoid some of these frankenfoods.

The big four GMO crops are: corn, soybeans, canola and cotton.

October is national Non-GMO month.

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Joel Gray said...

GMO has always been very controversial. It was said to solve problems on hunger while at the same time, it poses health concerns and ethical issues. Although GMO can be considered to be one of man's greatest researches, it can also be regarded as the worst.

Anonymous said...

Obtain and pick some good things from you and it helps me to solve a problem, thanks.

- Henry

natural health remedies said...

This issue has been very controversial and I'm not in favor of it. I only go for natural things because I believe that there are negative consequences when we try to alter a natural process.

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