Embracing a Healthy Family: Go2 Bras by Lipo in a Box Review

Go2 Bras by Lipo in a Box Review

I dread looking for bras because they either don't fit right or are uncomfortable.  I have so many from different manufacturers and most don't fit the way that I like.  Trying to find one that provides the right coverage without have "booblage" hang over or that doesn't feel like your grandmother's ... oh wait, I'm a grandmother now so that's not always true.  Nonetheless, finding one that is comfortable especially if you are large chested can be a challenge as it seems so many bras have the built in boobs to increase your size.  What I like from a bra is coverage, comfort and fit.  I received a complimentary Tiffany bra from Go2 Bras and Panties which is part of the Lipo in a Box and Underology trio of fantastic women products made by a woman.

"TIFFANY" Go2 Bra by Lipo in a Box  

As you can see by the picture of me wearing it (yeah, right!  I wish that was me), it's very delicate and pretty.  It is seamless which allows you to wear under any garment especially tank tops and t-shirts.  The vintage style straps and delicate lining of lace provide a pretty, dainty feature to this practical bra.   The cups are lined with a microfiber material that provides a smooth appear without showing how cold you might be which is something I want from a bra.    The back is reinforced so no dangers of busting lose in the most inopportune places.

They are available in many colors and up to DDDD sizes.

  1. Pink
  2. Black
  3. Blue Print
The nice thing about the Tiffany and the other bras available from Go2 Bras and Panties are the matching panties you can purchase.

"TIFFANY" Go2 Panty by Lipo in a Box  

I recommend the Tiffany bra from Go2 Bras and Panties due to the comfort, fit, price and the great customer service.

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