Embracing a Healthy Family: KT Tunstall's Tiger Suit Review

KT Tunstall's Tiger Suit Review

Tiger Suit

KT Tunstall just released her third studio album featuring more dance like hits compared to what I read about her other two prior albums.  I've never heard of KT Tunstall prior to receiving this complimentary CD but did enjoy it.  Some of the tracks were reminiscent of the type of dance music I have heard while traveling in Europe.  Glamour Puss was interesting as she also incorporated whistling within the song itself to offer a different sound.

Image of KT Tunstall Image of KT Tunstall

The opening song, Uumannaq Song, is named after a village in Iceland.  It's described as having heavy tribal vocals and has a nice rhythm.   Each song is enjoyable and had a good beat although heavily European influenced with the techno aspect.  

KT even stated, "“making the album felt a bit like an archaeological dig, digging deeper to uncover what most turns me on,” says Tunstall. “The best way I can describe it is that I felt I discovered the indigenous part of myself by going back to campfire dance music just as much as club dance music. When I grind my boot heel into the floor it’s connected to when I went clubbing in Berlin. Losing yourself in the middle of nowhere around a fire is no different to losing yourself surrounded by hundreds of people on a dancefloor.”

Track 8 Come On, Get In was probably my favorite song with the beat and the catch vocals.  You can listen to samples here.  Overall, it was a different CD with what to me, was a variety of different songs from this talented singer.  Take a listen and you might just like her sound and stop by her site to catch the latest information here.

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