Embracing a Healthy Family: Luminess Air Make Up System Review

Luminess Air Make Up System Review

If you are like me, you get occasional insomnia and maybe indulge in a guilty pleasure every now and then in the form of an infomercial.  I can't help myself as sometimes I just want to see the latest and greatest product.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.  One of the products that perked my interest was the Luminess Air Systems.  If you have seen the systems, you probably wanted one or at least wanted to try one.  

The models they use look amazing after they had their make up air brushed on and it looks so easy and flawless.  One thing that is nice with Luminess Air Systems as you can try one out for 30 days as little as $29.95 (plus shipping and handling).  The price of the systems are not cheap so trying one out might give you the peace of mind you need before making the leap.

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About Luminess Air Systems - There are four systems plus a tan system:

  1. Kelly System - $169.95 + s/h
  2. iLuminess System - $229.90 + s/h
  3. Professional System - $309.95 + s/h
  4. Platinum System - $369.00 + s/h
  5. Luminess Tan System - $149.95 + s/h
Each system has it's perks as you increase in prize.  You can see the comparison in this nice chart here.  

Pros with the System:
  • Flexible terms pending the system you choose - try before you buy and multi-payments
  • One year warranty
  • Systems are geared towards individual needs and preferences
  • Gifts with certain models
  • Compact and larger models
  • Accessories
iLuminess Review

I received a complimentary iLuminess System for review.  I was skeptical at first when I received it thinking I could not achieve the same results but I was wrong.  If you think that you can just turn it on and start using it, it's unlikely you will achieve the results you desire.  This is most likely a new way of applying make up which requires a short amount of time getting used to the air application.

The entire package is just perfect.  The system arrives with a nice fashionable silver bag to take it with you as well as to store it.  It has a great DVD on how to use the system along with tips, a bottle to use for cleaning, four shades of foundation, blush, bronzer and glow.  I also received a complimentary pack of shadows.  

Holding the stylus was easy and now awkward at all.  The system is a little noisy but tolerable.  I find I only need one shade of foundation so after I apply my moisturizer, I drop in four drops of foundation, spray on careful not to push the button too hard otherwise you will have an overload of foundation in one spot thus streaks will form.  After I apply my foundation, I spray on the blush followed by the bronzer.  I have no luck with traditional bronzer as it always goes on too dark or fake but this bronzer is PERFECT!  I am able to control just the right amount I want.

I'm still learning the finesse behind the shadows but love how it stays and doesn't wear off.  This holds true of the foundation.

  1. Easy to use and the how to DVDs really help
  2. Convenient pouch to travel or store
  3. Plugs in and no batteries which is a big plus to me
  4. You control the amount you want on your face and the shade. 
  5. Doesn't wear off and lasts a long time
  6. Flawless and looks more natural than other make up I've tried
  7. Bronzer is perfectly shaded to look natural but provides a hint of a bronzed glow
  8. Comes off easily with water if you make a mistake which is very nice
  9. Foundation and other products are competitively priced right
  10. A little goes a long way
  11. More hygienic since your hands and brushes aren't touching your face
  12. It appears to minimize some of my fine lines
  13. No more make up lines
  14. Dermatology tested
  • As mentioned, it's a little loud but very tolerable. Besides, it feels really cool air brushing the make up that you don't really notice
  • I have sensitive eyes so the air does bother them but again, very tolerable.
In summary, I cannot say enough about the Luminess Air Systems as I LOVE mine!  I'm even considering joining the team to sell the systems because I believe in them.

Stay tuned for actual before and after pictures.

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