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What makes us different? Our ingredients list is short... we use high levels of active ingredients that are not diluted with fillers and preservatives. Outcome... vibrant skin fast.

"UNDEROLOGY SMART Skincare" is a SMARTalternative to cosmetic surgery or the PERFECTcompliment!

Connie’s mission with the new UNDEROLOGYSMART Skincare line is to provide products with the highest quality ingredients which women deserve, for a price equivalent to what women spend for department store brands. Result-oriented active ingredients are used from the lasted technology and research available.

Quality is the key ingredient (literally)! You will find our quality ingredients are not diluted with lots of fillers... just active ingredients, providing a vibrant and noticeable difference in your skin.

Resveratrol-Peptide: Firming and Line Formula

$ 66.00
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Quick Overview

Apply a thin layer all over your face, twice daily for optimum results. Concentrate on lined areas.

What is it: Resveratrol-Peptide Formula is the latest innovation for the reduction of wrinkles. This formula combines the natural anti-oxidant properties of Resveratrol (one of the strongest activators of Sirtuin) with six of the most potent peptides currently available to address the effects of aging on the skin.

KISS Kit, New & Improved (Keep It Smart and Simple)

Special Price: $ 143.00
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Gentle Foam Daily Cleanser: This cleanser combines rose hip seed, olive oil, seaweed and many essential oils to provide a complete spectrum of protection for your skin every time you cleanse. The foaming action makes cleansing easy and refreshing. It's a total approach to skin care every time you use it. Individually priced at $24.

HYDRO Xtreme™ Cream Moisturizer 1oz: Just as the name indicates, HYDRO Xtreme delivers the ultimate in hydration and a delicious glow and feel to your skin. HYDRO Xtreme increases smoothness, softens and decreases wrinkles, it is an excellent hydrator scientifically proven to stimulate new cell growth, giving you rejuvenated and younger looking skin. Individually priced at $48.

PM Performance Cream: Wake up loving your skin! This is an excellent dual night performance cream for the person on the go or anyone who practices the KISS principle. Achieve exfoliation and moisturizing with one product. PM Performance Cream consists of 10-12% Glycolic Acid and the natural extract squalane found in olive oil. Individually priced at $39.

EYE GIVE UP (dark circle, puffy eye serum): Many women experience and struggle with dark circle and/or puffy eyes. This is a common result of aging. Finally...there is a solution that can address both dark circles and puffy eyes...a product specifically designed for mature skin that is proven to reduce sign of both problems, with one simple product. Individually priced at $32.

Connie Says: "This is an excellent choice for the person on the go. If you want great skin care with no fuss, this is the system for you. This system works great alone or can be used in combination with other products in the line."

NOTE: By purchasing this item, you are helping to support the National Domestic Violence Hotline. A portion of all sales proceeds from this purchase goes directly to the NDVH.

Peptiage® Age Defying Multipeptide Serum

$ 90.00
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Quick Overview

Container: 1 oz. (30ml)
Peptiage® is a noninvasive concentrated serum and contains six of the most potent peptides currently available to target facial expression lines and the signs of aging we all experience over time.


$ 56.00
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Quick Overview

Container: 1 oz. (30ml)
Our LIPIDefense is a moisture booster (serum). This serum is a fragrance free complex of plant derived lipids, a plant derived anti-inflammatory agent, and moisturizing agents.

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