Embracing a Healthy Family: What can just $20.11 do for YOUR business or blog this coming year?

What can just $20.11 do for YOUR business or blog this coming year?

What can just $20.11 do for YOUR business or blog this coming year? It can get you anAMAZING promotional BOOST -  211 tweets - never more than once a day.  211 facebook statuses - never more than one per day. 6 blog features - never more than once a month.  All with dofollow links to your product(s)/business/post(s)/blog. And a permanent link to your business/blog on www.parkerpronline.com/2011-booster-club .  This promotion will fill up fast - so sign on today!! Doing so will earn you bonus tweets, facebook statuses, and blog features - as well as your link on the BOOSTER CLUBpage NOW, well before the official January 2011 Kick-Off, when the price rises to $105!!  Send your payment plus referral #6 via PayPal to blogmaniapr@gmail.com and give your business/blog a BOOSTtoday!!!

The fine print. Your BOOSTS will go out on:


The minimum number of BOOSTS is guaranteed,  however due to the large quantity of BOOSTS - updates will not be provided, they must be tracked by you.  That said, we will keep a running count, just not specific urls in our  files.

If you would like to have your BOOSTS go out over any other member of the 2011 BLOGMANIA Dream Team's  accounts as well, please include an additional $10.00  - and the blog name of the blogger you would like to send your BOOSTS.  Please add on $8 for each additional blogger after that.

Save your PayPal receipt as this promotion is tax deductible under advertising.

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Dawn Lopez said...

Hi! I am a new Blogmania 2011 Dream Team Member, dropping by to say hiya and let you know I am following your blog! Have a great week!


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