Embracing a Healthy Family: Boboli is launching New Football Shaped Pizza Crusts

Boboli is launching New Football Shaped Pizza Crusts


I'm jealous as our family loves football and we love Boboli pizza crusts AND they have a new football shaped pizza crusts except they are not available where we live.  What a perfect game day way to watch our favorite team while eating a great tasting, grilled pizza made with Boboli.   My oldest and I experimented with Boboli over the summer grilling them and found that they taste so much better that way.  We liked them so much that we haven't went back to conventional baking in the over.

Boboli has some recipes that I'm going to have to try as well.

Cheesy Scoreboard Pizza

In honor of my FAVORITE team of all time:

They have recipes for each team but you can just stop there as the Indianapolis one will clearly be the best!

Boboli has other great tips and recipes for any occasion and I forgot to mention, they have the best pizza sauce too!  I was really surprised as I'm so picky with my sauces but I love the rich taste of it and it's the perfect combination for any pizza recipe.

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*Disclaimer:  I did not receive anything for this post.

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