Embracing a Healthy Family: The Charm Factory Review and Christmas Gift Idea

The Charm Factory Review and Christmas Gift Idea

Who doesn't love jewerly?  Whether it's for a man or a woman or a kid or an adult, we all seem to like to wear something.  I have the usual items such as the rings, the earrings and the necklace but I also like to change it up per the event or day.  I like to have a variety but I also don't like to spend a lot of money since I tend to be forgetful and sometimes careless with my jewelry.  I was introduced to the Charm Factory by a complimentary Silver Heart Bracelet.

Silver Heart Bracelet

It's as gorgeous as you see in the picture above and it's lightweight which I also enjoy.  I don't like heave jewelry that weighs me down or is bulky.  It's made of .925 sterling silver and one size fits most.  The hearts are pretty and delicate yet sturdy to withstand being banged around with every day use.  I also like that the Charm Factory provides free gift boxes.

The Charm Factory has over 5,000 high quality, unique sterling silver charms, bracelets, beads and more.  With all the choices, it makes it easy to personalize your very own, unique bracelet for yourself or as a gift.

Another feature of the the Charm Factory I like is the selection and being that I love silver jewelry, this is a great find.  They have a variety of products ranging from affirmation rings to alphabet beads to bracelets to pendants and much more.  If you like lead-free pewter, they also have you covered with a variety of choices.  Jewelry from the Charm Factory are made in the US, are lead free and they provide free shipping for orders over $25.

Here are some other choices just in time for Christmas:


Gods Gift to Me is You
$13.64 (quantity pricing discounts available)


Dream Message Ring
Dream Message Ring
$8.80 (quantity pricing discounts available)


Butterfly Heart Locket

$13.20  (quantity pricing discounts available)

To see many more great selections from the Charm Factory, click here.

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